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Here’s why you should have floating vanity units
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Here’s why you should have floating vanity units

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 2 years ago 6 min read

What are the advantages of fitting floating vanity units in your bathroom? We take an in-depth look…

Redesigning your bathroom can be a lot of fun, but you also need to dig into the details and find out how much work needs to be done. You’ve settled on your perfect shower tray, coverings for your bathroom walls, bathroom mirrors and a toilet. You've selected from your choice of shower enclosures and bathroom furniture. Now, it’s time to pick your ideal bathroom vanity unit. How hard can it be?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably unsatisfied with the state of your current bathroom vanity unit or don’t have one at all. Your area feels a little too cluttered and your bathroom space has not been utilized with the floor space and bathroom design.

Smaller bathrooms need to be thought about carefully, although family bathrooms also need the correct sort of double vanity unit if you require more storage. While there’s nothing wrong with a big vanity unit, when you’re squeezing in with your spouse or family member to get ready in the morning, it isn’t going to be a pleasant experience.

Whilst pedestal and wall hung sinks look great, they don’t offer much in terms of storage space, which doesn’t make it ideal for everyone. Plus, where are you going to store your bathroom essentials and bathroom accessories? If you’re in search of something new and you like the clean, minimalistic look, perhaps floating vanity units may be the choice for you? These are great for a modern bathroom and act as a storage unit for extra space.

Orchard Derwent white wall hung vanity unit and ceramic basin 600mm

Advantages of wall hung floating vanity units

Suitable for small bathrooms

Whilst it’s always luxurious to have a deep cabinet, these can potentially take up a lot of room and make a bathroom appear too congested. You shouldn’t need to inch and squeeze your way around your space. Instead, why not opt for a slimline floating vanity unit, with a tap situated in one corner? These compact bathroom vanity units come in a variety of small sizes, ranging from 400mm to 500mm wide, which is a far cry from a large 700mm to 800mm wide cabinet. This gives you more space to move and a visibly less cluttered room.

Additionally, since these vanity units are raised off the floor, you’re able to see the light rays dancing across your bathroom floor during sunsets. This appearance of openness gives an illusion of a roomier space. Plus, you can show off more of that beautiful flooring that you’ve been working on due to the wall mounted vanity unit sitting above.

Reduce water damage

Perhaps you’re considering installing a wet room for an elderly relative, who isn’t as mobile and requires a one-level bathroom where they can easily access the shower. Or, your bathroom has a perpetually wet floor, courtesy of kids who splosh water around with abandon. Does anything resonate with you? This is where choosing the right bathroom vanity unit is important.

Unfortunately, wooden cabinets are often susceptible to water damage if the surrounding area gets wet. Over time, the wood can deteriorate and things may rot and turn mouldy. However, since floating vanity units are off the ground, you won’t need to worry about the cabinet being affected by water damage. It’s also much easier to clean up excess water as well.

Stylish and modern

Modern design and styles all have one thing in common- minimalism. The minimalist wave has had a hold on society for years and is still going strong. Nowadays, bathroom designs and bathroom décor are often modern and contemporary. It's all about creating clean lines, decluttering and having peace of mind. A minimalistic environment, often including wall hung vanities, can work to calm you down and declutter your mind.

Bathroom vanities that float and are wall mounted are the very essence of minimalism. It’s all about looking clean and sleek, yet stylish. The design is effortlessly simple without excess bathroom furniture or decoration attached. Given its classic design, you can be assured that such a vanity will never go out of style. It can be directly mounted to even a smaller bathroom wall to create a cool and chic, ultra modern look.

Gives more storage area

Whilst wall hung and pedestal sinks are suitable for cloakrooms and ensuites, they aren’t always the best for master bathrooms. You need space to store toothpaste, razors, shampoo, brushes and towels. Wall mounted vanity units can offer great space-saving advantages without overly-cramming your bathroom. Some vanity sink units include drawers and cupboards where you can keep cleaning products.


Less storage space

Less storage space with a vanity unit can offer your new bathroom both advantages and disadvantages. You can view your wall hung vanity as a way to save space, which gives you more room to store bathroom appliances. Alternatively, lack of a larger vanity unit may mean less cupboard space. Having a bathroom vanity that floats also requires you to think about where to store other bathroom products as well, which can be a problem if you don’t have much storage space available elsewhere.

Mode Morris dark concrete grey wall hung vanity unit and basin 1200mm

Safety for children

If you have children who are hands-on and love to climb up on your furniture, you may want to refrain from getting a floating vanity unit. Because of their unique design, kids might attempt to do the same—and this might not end well. The wall hung units are not designed to support the full weight of a person, no matter how big or small they may be.

This is extremely dangerous because floating vanities tend to have less support than cabinet options. The support a wall bracket gives varies drastically as compared to the support a floor mounted cabinet can give. Whilst this shouldn’t be a major concern if your kids are aware and stay away from the dangers, it can still be a point of consideration.

Not suited for traditional bathrooms

Given that it was designed with a contemporary home in mind, it might not be the best fit (from a style point of view) for traditional bathrooms. A new vanity unit needs to be in keeping with your style. A classic feel or rustic touch may not be the most appropriate for floating vanities. If you prefer the more traditional vibe, you might want to get a floor-based bathroom vanity unit instead, or a vanity sink unit. However, if you’re intentionally going for a Modern Vintage look, wall hung vanities are perfect for that added twist.

The installation can be tricky

Typically, floorstanding vanity units have a relatively straightforward installation process. As long as the cabinet is there, there’s support for the sink and all the decoration that you may want to have. However, floating vanity units aren’t the simplest to install.

Because it needs to be attached to the wall, you’ll potentially need extra work and money to make it happen. You can do it yourself, but it’s best to hire an experienced trade professional or ask someone knowledgeable enough to do it. If it’s installed wrongly, something as small as someone leaning on it will cause the vanity to fall off the wall.

The supporting wall needs to be strong and made secure. This requires the wall to be torn open, and a support beam installed horizontally across. Once this is done, you can finish the wall off. Patch it up and hang your vanity as per the instructions. Next, install a solid-surface countertop or countertop basin to the top of your vanity. Don’t go rogue and choose a random design- we want the rigidity and structural integrity of a solid piece. Before you finish, remember to drill the necessary holes for the water supply, waste and tap.

Orchard Wye walnut wall hung vanity unit and basin 600mm


With all their grandeur and splendour, floating vanity units come with several characteristics that make them suitable for many homes, but not so much for others. This type of bathroom vanities have a significant allure for modern homeowners and minimalists, but whether you’re prepared for the effort and extra costs is another thing altogether. Plus, you’ll need to envision what your bathroom and family will need in the future- whether it’s large cabinets or a roomier bathroom. We hope that we’ve helped you make the right decision.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 2 years ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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