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Bidets How very continental... Whilst the humble bidet may be a more common sight in bathrooms on the European mainland, they are certainly making in-roads into UK bathrooms, gaining popularity with each passing year. That's why, at Victoria Plum, you'll find an excellent choice of stylish, high quality bidets, to fit any contemporary or traditional style bathroom. Choose between back to wall and wall hung bidets to complement your suite, at the best prices around. Bidet buying guide If you’re thinking of fitting a bidet in your bathroom, let us help you make all the right decisions with our expert buying guide. What is a bidet? A bidet is usually a ceramic item, which is positioned next to and complements a toilet. It normally contains a tap, which dispenses a comfortable mixture of hot and cold water. Much like a basin, it usually comes with a tap and waste, so water can be drained efficiently. However, much like a toilet, it is shaped and at a height so that a person can position themselves over the top of it. It is used to wash the backside and intimate areas, usually after using the toilet and is often an alternative to toilet paper in personal hygiene routines. Bidet use in different cultures Bidets aren’t commonly found in British bathrooms, although they are more prevalent in different countries and cultures around the world. If you’ve ever visited Italy or other countries across southern Europe, you will be more likely to have encountered one. In fact, since 1975, all Italian bathrooms must have a bidet by law. Bidets are also commonly found elsewhere around the globe, including South America and across Asia. Japan, notably, has taken technology one step further and developed the electronic bidet toilet, a hybrid, all-in-one design which means no separate installation is necessary. We’ll talk more about these later. Why do people buy bidets? Despite being uncommon throughout the UK, bidets have increased in popularity over the years. There are many reasons for this. Freedom of movement has meant people moving from countries where bidets are popular now desire one in their own UK bathroom. They are also seen as a luxury item and status symbol. But there is also the environmental aspect… As an alternative to paper waste, water is seen as a more natural solution. What are the advantages of a bidet? - Prestige—a bidet makes a luxury addition to any bathroom - Eco-friendly—use less toilet paper and reduce waste - Save on cash by spending less on loo roll - No toilet roll means less likelihood that the toilet will get blocked - Offers a more soothing alternative to sufferers of piles or anal fissures What are the disadvantages of a bidet? - You need additional space for them - While you may spend less on toilet paper, you may end up using more water which is also a scarce resource - It can end up just another thing in your bathroom you’ll need to keep clean What types of bidet are available? As with toilets and basins, bidets come in a variety of designs. We’ll explain the main ones and what the differences are. Floorstanding bidets Much like a close coupled toilet, this type of bidet is fitted to the floor. Usually positioned neatly against a wall, so that there is no gap to the rear, the floorstanding bidet is far and away the most common, most popular and most economical design in terms of price. Wall hung bidets Again, like its flushable counterpart, the wall hung bidet is a more designer option. Usually costing a bit more than a floorstanding design, the wall hung bidet requires a suitable wall on which it can be installed. You will also need a bidet frame. The result, however, is highly desirable, with a floating appearance which leaves your floor space clear. Different bidet styles As well as different types, bidets come in a choice of styles. Broadly, you’ll have 2 styles to choose from as detailed below. Contemporary (or modern) bidets Contemporary bidets (often referred to as modern bidets) draw inspiration from the latest trends. With clean lines, simple shapes and very little in the way of fussy detail, they are the favoured choice of those searching for a fresh look for a modern home. Traditional bidets For those who prefer a more classical look, traditional style bidets are the perfect choice. Drawing on timeless, traditional designs, these bidets will never go out of fashion. Look out for added details and embellishments which give them a vintage-inspired appearance. What do I need with my bidet? A bidet isn’t complete without accessories. You will need the following: Bidet tap Bidet taps are specially designed with an angled spout, allowing them to perform the function they are intended for. This means a regular basin tap won’t be suitable. Basin waste A waste consists of some form of plug, so you can keep water in your bidet. Most standard basin wastes fit bidets, but do check whether you need a slotted or unslotted waste, depending on whether your bidet has an overflow, before you buy. Which bidet brands are available? At Victoria Plum, we stock bidets for immediate delivery from our distribution centres, with the following exclusive brands available: - Mode Bathrooms - Orchard Bathrooms - The Bath Co. We also supply a range of bidets from the following brands: - RAK Ceramics - Ideal Standard - Forum How do I install a bidet? Fitting a bidet requires a significant amount of plumbing, both into your hot and cold water supply and your waste water drain. We would highly recommend hiring an experienced Trade professional to do this. However, if you would like to find out how a bidet is fitted, please see our step-by-step bidet installation guide. Alternatives to bidets If you’re considering a bidet, you may be interested to find out more about some of the alternative options on offer at Victoria Plum. Smart toilet seats Compatible with most standard toilets, smart toilet seats are a great way to bring all the benefits of a bidet to your existing set-up. Easy to install, they come with a range of features, including a heated seat, front and rear washing mode, plus a warm air drying system. Bidet toilets/Japanese toilets Fully electronic toilets with built in bidets (often referred to as “Japanese toilets”) are great for those with mobility issues. With mod cons including a washlet function, automated, heated seat and even a massage setting, these electronic toilets may come with a steep price tag, but offer everything you’d need for a highly comfortable toilet experience. Find out more about bidet toilets in our in-depth guide. Douche spray Another alternative to a bidet is a douche spray. Similar to a shower hose and outlet, the douche comes with a hand help trigger spray, specifically designed for more intimate hygiene purposes. Shop bidets Simply return to the top of this page to shop our full range of high quality bidets.

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