Bathroom basins come in just about every shape and size you can imagine, but your selection will be made according to a logical blend of design and function.

If you want to get it right first time, here are 6 things to consider when choosing your basin.

1. Check your wall

Start by finding out about the structure of your bathroom walls. Then decide which of the three basic basin types (pedestal, wall hung or counter top you want, and see if this type comes in the shape, size, form and material that you have in mind.

A successful installation depends on having a clear understanding of the options—precisely which type you are taking out, which type you are putting in, how the pipes run, how the set-up sits in relation to the room, and so on.

If you have any doubts about the solidity or condition of the walls you can fit a freestanding vanity unit.

2. Like for like

If you’re replacing an existing basin, it’ll be much easier and more cost-effective to fit one of the same type—but this doesn’t mean it has to be the same size or style.

Mode Ellis semi pedestal basin

If your wall is suitable, a semi pedestal like the Ellis, will help keep your floorspace clear

3. Small spaces

Wall hung basins are a great option for small rooms where there is a shortage of floor space. However, you must assess the wall. If your walls can’t support a wall hung basin, a corner unit can help maximise space, whilst providing vital storage.

4. Unsightly pipework

If you wish to conceal pipework that comes out of the floor, a pedestal basin is your best bet. However, if your pipework comes out of the wall, a semi pedestal or wall hung basin will be a better option. This will make your bathroom look much neater in the long run.

Mode Tate wall hung basin 550mm

A wall hung basin, like our popular Tate, is the perfect option where plumbing comes out of your wall. You can even make it a feature with a decorative bottle trap

5. Contemporary style

Looking for something a little more stylish and chic than a simple pedestal basin? A counter top basin could be just the item you’re looking for. With a high rise basin mixer and a suitable vanity unit, you can add a real touch of class to your overall décor.

6. Don’t let size be a surprise

There is a wide range of sizes and styles when it comes to basins, so have a think about how a new larger or smaller basin will impact upon your room. Will a larger basin dominate your room too much? Would a smaller basin simply not be big enough for your needs?

Derwent square 1 tap hole full pedestal basin 550mm

The compact Derwent square pedestal basin has been designed with space-saving in mind

More basin advice

Still unsure which basin is right for you? Check out our basin buying guide.


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