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7 stylish accessible bathroom ideas for 2024

7 stylish accessible bathroom ideas for 2024

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 5 months ago 6 min read

Accessible bathrooms containing safety features like grab rails and walk in showers can help make life easier, but how do you get them looking stylish? We let you in on some of our own little tips and tricks…

Whether you’re looking to future proof for your more senior years or are simply fed up with climbing in and out of your bath, an accessible bathroom could be just the thing you need. And, here at Victoria Plum, it’s our firm belief that, no matter what your requirements may be, you should be able to enjoy a stylish bathroom that brings you joy each and every time you use it. And this belief extends to accessible bathrooms.

When people hear the term “accessible bathroom”, there is often a stigma attached, conjuring up images of functional, sterile rooms with clunky, obtrusive items that wouldn’t look out of place in a hospital—a distant cry from the beautiful space you’d envisioned for your home. In this article, we aim to alter all your preconceptions by showing you exactly how you can get the best of both worlds; an easily accessible bathroom that looks incredibly stylish. It’s a concept we refer to as “independent living”.

To demonstrate exactly what we mean, why not take a look at these 7 accessible bathroom ideas we’ve come up with…

1. Minimalist monochrome

Grey continues to lead the way when it comes to choosing on-trend colours for your bathroom, whilst minimalist design (in other words, unfussy and uncluttered) remains a cornerstone of contemporary interiors.

If a fully grey bathroom sounds a little oppressive, you can easily break things up a bit with patterned tiles, and make a feature of your floors or walls.

To help with accessibility, wet rooms can bring many benefits, not least level access to your shower. With no climbing in and out of baths or shower trays which could pose a trip hazard, they offer a safer environment and aren’t as expensive as you might think.

Grey accessible bathroom ideas

If you find standing for an extending period uncomfortable, a shower seat can be cleverly integrated into your design, allowing you to take the weight off your feet.

Sleek yet sturdy grab rails in key positions will help you move around your room with ease, whilst, for your toilet, a folding grab rail can be neatly stored in an upright position when not in use—one of our favourite accessible bathroom ideas!

Finally, to bring a more organic feel to your overall design, add a pot plant or two. We can recommend a range of low maintenance plants suitable for bathrooms.

2. Bold, blue and easy to use

Of course, grey or monochrome colour schemes aren’t for everyone, that’s why a splash of colour can often be most welcome. Blue is a real on-trend bathroom colour and you can add this in by leaving some portions of your space untiled. Simply plaster your walls and paint instead.

And, whilst we’re talking wall coverings, tiles aren’t the only option, you know. Shower wall panels are fast becoming a popular option for accessible bathrooms, as they are quick and easy to install and easier to clean than tiles, with no grout lines where mould can develop. Use them around your key splash zones to create intriguing contrast.

Blue accessible bathroom ideas

Also, if a full wet room simply isn’t within your budget, a walk in enclosure will still provide you with easy access to your shower. At just 40mm in height, walk in shower trays are ultra-low, meaning stepping in and out takes no effort at all. Choose an anti-slip tray for sure-footed use.

Another thing to consider is a comfort-height toilet. With the toilet seat slightly higher than regular models, they are designed to take stress off the knees, making it easier to stand up and sit down. And, for that final finishing touch, an easy-to-reach robe hook offers a handy place for your dressing gown or towel.

3. Classic charm

Do you prefer a more traditional style? If so, this can still be achieved within the context of an accessible bathroom.

Wood effect floor tiles are a great way to create a more vintage setting and are especially useful when creating a level access wet room. At the same time, elements like shower seats and grab rails can still be tastefully incorporated into a traditional bathroom, complemented perfectly by a classically-inspired shower system. With precise thermostatic control and anti-scald safety features, this type of shower is ideal for accessible bathrooms.

Traditional accessible bathroom ideas

Classic style shouldn’t mean compromising on modern convenience and one of the most intriguing accessible bathroom ideas we’ve come up with is the back to wall toilet. The push button flush is easy to operate and can even be swapped out for a motion sensor flush, meaning no turning or twisting is required.

To complete the look, we’d recommend a traditional vanity unit with large basin, giving you plenty of room for washing, plus light-coloured wall panels to give smaller rooms a more spacious feel.

4. On-trend and open plan

Looking at this particular bathroom, you wouldn’t believe it has been designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind. Black framed shower screens are a huge trend in bathrooms at the moment, giving a nod to industrial style interiors, whilst metro tiles continue to be a very popular option, used across the floor and around the main splash zones.

Homeowners are increasingly moving towards an eclectic mix of styles, which is why we’ve included some more traditional pieces to accompany what is a very contemporary look. The radiator, complete with handy hanging space, vanity unit and pivot mirror are all vintage in their design, whilst the toilet and shower are ultra-modern.

Contemporary accessible bathroom ideas

We’ve opted for dark grey walls to contrast with the white tiles, but you could pick from a whole palette of on-trend bathroom colours to personalise your space. The one thing you may have hardly noticed is the arrangement of grab rails, helping you to maintain your independent living lifestyle.

5. Downstairs delight

Whilst we’ve mainly focused on master bathrooms and ensuites, your downstairs cloakroom can certainly be made to be more accessible. In this particular space, we’ve opted for a more traditional look, complete with classic close coupled toilet and vanity unit. Half-height wall panelling is a great idea and we’ve painted this in a vintage-inspired sage green.

Accessible downstairs toilet ideas

To keep what is a compact space feeling light and bright, we’ve included plenty of white surfaces, with a splashback formed out of patterned tiles bringing visual interest. For accessibility, we’ve included 3 grab rails around the toilet area—one of which, can be folded away when not in use.

Grab rails

6. Black framed and beautiful

Yet another stylish space with a monochrome theme, but this time, we’ve swapped out the bath for a walk in shower. Taking up the exact footprint of a standard sized bathtub, it’s quite easy to do—ideal if you’re finding climbing in and out of your bath a chore.

To break up the white space, we’ve added a feature wall around the basin area, which looks simply stunning. Marble-effect shower wall panels help bring a genuine luxury feel to the décor. They’re also both quick and cost-effective to install. Meanwhile, black accents, in the form of the tap, shower, enclosure and radiator, provide on-trend elements.

Accessible modern bathroom ideas

The shower seat is quite minimalist in style and non-obtrusive, as are the grab rails which blend seamlessly with the rest of the black accents within the bathroom.

Shower seats and grab rails

7. For those who love a good soak

If you really cannot be without your bath, you’ll be delighted to know we stock a range of easy access baths. Including multi-functional shower baths and deep soak tubs, they are safe, secure and simple to use. And, best of all, blend seamlessly with all the features of a contemporary bathroom.

We’ve gone for a truly elegant look, with bold green gloss tiles and a large vanity unit providing plenty of storage space. For complete luxury, we’ve also included an electronic bidet toilet, with handy control panel, automatic flush and seat opening/closing, not to mention personal hygiene jets and self-cleaning operation.

Accessible bath ideas

Meanwhile, additional grab rails, both in the shower area and around the toilet, make this bathroom easily accessible, without affecting the overall look and feel of the space.

Grab rails

More accessible bathroom ideas and advice

If you’re looking to update your bathroom, making it safer and more accessible, you’ll find all the accessible bathroom ideas you need right here at Victoria Plum. Discover specific styling tips for wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, for those who are partially-sighted and elderly users too.

You’ll also find plenty of advice too, like our handy guide to anti-slip tiles and our grab rail buying guide.

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If you’ve enjoyed these accessible bathroom ideas, why not browse our full Independent Living range by clicking on the image below.

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 5 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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