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5 key bathroom colours for 2024

5 key bathroom colours for 2024

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 10 months ago 11 min read

Seeking inspiration for your bathroom colour scheme? We take a look at the key bathroom colour predictions for the year ahead.

Unless you make your living from telling fortunes, predicting what the future may hold is a tricky old business. And this is particularly true when it comes to interior design trends and bathroom colours.

How we decorate our home interiors can be influenced by multiple factors, including social, economic and technological changes. These trends often go in cycles, meaning what is popular today may not necessarily be popular tomorrow. Throw subjectivity into the mix and future trends are even harder to predict!

However, for the many businesses (just like Victoria Plum!) that rely on such predictions, there are various expert sources we can use. One such source is WGSN, one of the world’s leading consumer trend forecasters, used by fashion and interior designers, among others. In conjunction with Coloro, colour experts for creative industries, WGSN have predicted their key colours for the year ahead.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at these 5 key colours and demonstrate how they might work in your bathroom.

Cyber Lime

First among WGSN and Coloro’s colour predictions, Cyber Lime stands out as a bold and invigorating shade that is truly eye-catching.

Coloro states that the colour “embodies synthetic realism, connecting us to our ever-expanding digital lives. It is a punchy near neon that exerts and energises the body and mind. This hyper bright green signifies the powerful connection between nature and technology”.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Cyber Lime mood board

When it comes to breathing new life into your interiors, Cyber Lime is one of the key bathroom colours of 2024

In the world of interior design, Cyber Lime is a striking choice, particularly for bathrooms. This vibrant hue can breathe life into a space that often gets overlooked. When used strategically, it can transform a bathroom into a rejuvenating place.

Cyber Lime’s intensity makes it ideal for accent walls, tiles, window treatments or towels. Pair it with sleek, minimalist elements like contemporary, white bathroom fittings and chrome accents to create a modern, high-tech look that resonates with the digital age.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Cyber Lime

Cyber Lime is a colour that speaks to futurism whilst also celebrating the synergy between nature and technology

This vibrant shade can be applied as an accent or a solid colour designed to make a statement. In the image above, we’ve chosen to use it on the walls of a smaller space—a cloakroom, paired with white metro tiles to help balance the look. These have been installed in a herringbone formation to add texture and intrigue, which is reflected in the herringbone flooring. Natural wood, demonstrated in the countertop shelf, add a softness to the bold Cyber Lime colour.

Whether you’re designing a “futuristic” bathroom at home or creating a cutting-edge spa experience, Cyber Lime is the colour that will infuse your space with energy.

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Elemental Blue

Elemental Blue is a captivating addition to this Spring/Summer 2024 colour palette.

Coloro says that “Elemental Blue confirms the continuation of refined mid-tone colours that speak of a slowed-down lifestyle and increased sensory awareness. This practical colour aligns to the pursuit of seeking the right balance of work internet, and possessions, representing a need for stability and moderation”.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Elemental Blue mood board

Get the balance just right with Elemental Blue, one of the key bathroom colours for 2024

Elemental Blue is all about balance and harmony, making it a perfect choice for a relaxing bathroom. Its subdued, natural appearance creates a serene atmosphere that encourages rest and sensory awareness. It’s further described as “Restrained and industrial in appearance, this low-key colour can become surreal and experiential”.

To incorporate Elemental Blue into your bathroom design, consider using it for wall paint or wall coverings. Combine it into a neutral palette to maintain a minimalist style that promotes tranquillity. However, don’t shy away from experimenting with intriguing metal finishes, like brushed brass, as well as tactile elements in order to create a unique look.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Elemental Blue

For a serene, relaxed environment, choose Elemental Blue—one of the key bathroom colours for the year ahead

Here, we’ve opted for a navy blue, herringbone-patterned, acrylic shower wall panel, used as a feature piece behind a contemporary countertop basin, with brushed brass metalware for a touch of luxury. The vibrant green of the plantlife complements this natural colour, making for a very calming look.

Coloro state that Elemental Blue is forecasted to be an annual colour (one that will still be making an impact come winter), making it ideal for interior paints and bathroom furniture too. The shade is both relaxing and visually engaging, making it a versatile colour that harmonises with various design elements and serves as a timeless choice.

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Fondant Pink

Fondant Pink, a charming and youthful hue, is set to make waves in Spring/Summer 2024. A pleasant addition to this colour palette, the shade represents joy and emotional wellbeing.

Coloro describes it as “A pigmented pastel with an easy-going, youthful appeal. It signals the return of sweet, mellow shades of pink that blend effortlessly with lilac and lavender shades. This colour connects to feelings of delight, a sentiment that will become more important to consumers by 2024”

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Fondant Pink mood board

Fresh and fancy? Fondant pink is set to be one of the sweetest bathroom colours of 2024

Fondant Pink is more than just a colour; it’s an emotion. It brings a sense of whimsy to a space, making it a fun and appealing choice for any bathroom. In a world where small moments of awe are increasingly vital for reducing anxiety and enhancing wellbeing, Fondant Pink is a soothing, joyful option. It’s thought to pair well with other pastels, creating an environment in which wellness can be a focus.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Fondant Pink

For a bathroom you're more than fond of, check out these pink pastel wall tiles

Incorporating Fondant Pink into a bathroom design can be achieved in various ways. Consider using it for bathroom tiles, your bathmat or even bathroom furniture—like our Ascot Pink range, exclusively from The Bath Co. We have opted for classic pink metro tiles, contrasted by strong black accents and a navy freestanding bath. Contrasting warm and cool tones is an on-trend bathroom look and can be achieved by pairing Fondant Pink with a deep blue colour like this. Alternatively, you could opt for a shade of green, such as a dark emerald or a light sage.

This colour is a versatile choice for those who want to infuse a sense of joy and optimism into their living spaces. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that promotes happiness and wellbeing.

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Nutshell, a rich and spicy brown hue, is a warming addition to the Spring/Summer 2024 colour palette. Holding a significant place in the world of interior design, Coloro describes it as a "trans-seasonal colour that evokes warmth and reassurance. It’s inspired by the growing thrift and resale culture. This colour speaks to sustainability over newness and a growing nostalgic sentiment that sees consumers return to retro-inspired styles and colours".

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Nutshell mood board

Seeking a bathroom colour that feels warm and inviting? This is it in a nutshell...

In interior design, Nutshell offers a unique opportunity to create spaces that feel warm, inviting and environmentally conscious. This versatile shade can be incorporated into bathroom designs to evoke a sense of cosiness and vintage charm. Coloro go on to say “Prominent in wellness and hospitality design, it will expand into living spaces, beauty packaging and personal tech products. Due to its chroma, this brown works on a broad range of natural and synthetic materials”.

In a bathroom, Nutshell can be introduced through furniture, tiling, flooring or soft furnishings like a jute rug. These suggestions will infuse your space with a timeless appeal. When paired with white fixtures, it creates a harmonious balance that promotes a sense of sophistication.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Nutshell

Thrifty and very, very nifty—Nutshell, one of the key bathroom colours of 2024

In the bathroom above, we’ve opted for the Dalston vanity unit with a white marble basin for a vintage-chic style. However, we'd also suggest thrifting for a real vintage piece to be used as a storage space in your bathroom, to be in keeping with what the colour Nutshell symbolises.

The Calcolo Cosmic copper-effect tiles on the rear wall feature a beautiful, deep shade of brown with a subtle metallic shimmer. We suggest accessorising with natural materials to pull this look together, such as a woven laundry basket and/or a hand-glazed, ceramic soap dispenser.

Nutshell’s versatility extends beyond bathrooms. It can be used throughout the home to convey a sense of sustainability and a return to a retro-inspired appearance. Whether you’re designing a contemporary space or a vintage-inspired retreat, this soft shade adds depth and character while aligning with homeowners' desire for warmth and nostalgia in their living spaces.

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Radiant Red

Radiant Red, a sweet and playful summer hue, represents emotional engagement and the need for a more affectionate and nurturing culture, according to Coloro.

They state it has a delectable quality that confirms “the importance of stimulating colours that morph effortlessly between physical and digital realms”.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Radiant Red mood board

Bring vigour and energy to your retreat with Radiant Red, one of the key bathroom colours of 2024

This exciting shade evokes feelings of warmth, joy and emotional connection. Within interior design, it offers a wonderful opportunity to create bathroom spaces that are inviting and visually intriguing. The colour itself is not a typical “brilliant red” hue; it’s softer, with a subtle peach undertone, meaning it can be used effectively in interior spaces. It is further described as being light and youthful, yet with an optimistic nature relating to all age demographics and genders.

Incorporating Radiant Red into a bathroom design may seem challenging at first, but there are various ways this can be achieved. It can be applied as a feature wall colour, paired with other neutral tones like muted greys or dusty pinks. Balancing this colour with softer shades will create a harmonious look without restricting the beautiful vibrancy of Radiant Red.

5 key bathroom colours for 2024: Radiant Red

Does your bathroom look this radiant?

We decided to install wall panelling in the bathroom above, painted in vibrant Radiant Red and balanced by a neutral upper wall. We’ve opted for furniture from the Ascot Pink range, exclusively from The Bath Co., for a complementary and fun look. In addition, we’ve incorporated some contrasting elements such as soft, floaty curtains and bold, monochromatic wall art. This contrast creates both visual and tactile interest.

Thanks in no small part to its invigorating qualities, this colour is best utilised in energising self-care and wellness-led spaces. Therefore, Radiant Red is not just a colour, it is an emotive element in interior design that can be harnessed to create bathroom spaces that promote self-care and wellbeing. Whether you’re designing a space for personal self-care rituals or a space for families of all ages, this colour can infuse it with positivity, making it an ideal choice for those who want to create bathrooms that foster an emotional connection and a joyful experience.

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Need help choosing your bathroom colours?

While this article may go some way to helping you choose your perfect bathroom colour scheme, there are still plenty of tips and tricks to learn. At Victoria Plum, we love sharing our extensive knowledge of bathrooms with you, so why not check out just some of our handy guides and creative articles?

Want to learn how to create a coordinated palette? Discover how to use a colour wheel for just this purpose. Seeking further inspiration for on-trend colours? See our latest blog post on bathroom colours of the year.

And, if you have a specific colour in mind, check out these inspirational articles:

Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 10 months ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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