A study by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that men and women’s brains are “wired differently”, but is this true when it comes to the bathroom?

Bathroom habits

In the battle of the sexes, we all know the stereotypical views about bathroom habits: Women spend longer in the bathroom getting ready and spend far more on all manner of shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers and mousses. Men, on the other hand, spend virtually no time in the bathroom, other than to read the Sunday papers!

Fact or fiction?

But are any of these stereotypes actually based on fact? At VictoriaPlum.com, we’ve pulled together all manner of stats and information on the bathroom habits of men and women and how they differ, in a handy infographic. Some facts may confirm what you already thought, but a few might just astound you. Just click on the icon below:

Men v Women in the Bathroom

So the next time someone of the opposite sex locks the bathroom door behind them – bear in mind, we might not be so different after all!

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