This guide will introduce you to the types of bathroom cabinets available at, and what you should consider when choosing one.

What type of storage do you need?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing bathroom cabinets, so you should start by thinking about what you want to store and where. For example, if you need to keep razors and cosmetics away from your little ones, a wall mounted cabinet above your sink or toilet is a great option.

Mirror cabinets

A bathroom mirror cabinet is always a popular and practical choice, combining two needs into one, and keeping your everyday essentials within easy reach. An illuminated mirror cabinet adds extra light to the room too, as well as an element of glamour and luxury. It can also be a practical choice if your bathroom has limited or no natural light.

Clarity white mirror cabinet 600 x 600mm

Small bathroom cabinets give you quick and easy storage & help to keep razors and medication away from little hands

Tall cabinets

If you have the space, a tall freestanding unit, or wall hung cabinet can make a real visual impact and bring the room together. They are also very useful for storing bathroom towels and larger items. Some have fully concealed cupboards, whilst others have a mix of cupboards and shelf space, so you can select one that best suits your needs.

General storage unit

If you don’t need too much storage space, a floor standing bathroom cabinet is ideal. They tend to be about 800mm tall. There are a variety of styles and finishes available, so you can choose one that will add a little personality to your room without being overbearing.

Orchard Eden white storage unit 766 x 250mm

The Eden white storage unit from Orchard Bathrooms is a great way to add simple yet sophisticated storage

Multi-drawer units

These compact multi-drawer units are perfect for smaller bathrooms, or if you have lots of bits and pieces that you want to stow away neatly.

Linen basket

Concealed linen baskets look great, and are handy for keeping your used towels hidden away in one place.

Styles and finishes

There are plenty of styles and finishes to choose from when selecting a cabinet, such as clean, white cabinets to fit in with your bathroom suite, or more colourful wooden finishes that add extra style and flair to your space. There are also cabinets in stainless steel, which immediately give your room a contemporary edge.

More bathroom furniture advice

For more advice on choosing your bathroom furniture, see our bathroom furniture buying guide. For help with installation, find out how to fit a wall hung cabinet or unit

Shop mirrors and cabinets

At, you'll find a comprehensive range of mirrors and mirrored cabinets, which are perfect for bathrooms big and small.


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