Is your current bathroom a little on the dark and dingy side?

If you’re considering giving it a makeover, here are a few simple tips and tricks to help make it a much brighter and lighter place to be.

Where are your windows?

The windows in your bathroom are, of course, the main source of natural light. One of the best tips for making a room appear even lighter is to position a bathroom mirror on the adjacent wall.  This will help bounce the light across the room, making it a whole light lot brighter and airy. Small bathroom cabinets will also provide much-needed storage.

Choose a mirror that does the job

When positioning a mirror on the adjacent wall, make sure that the mirror itself is large enough to be able to bounce a substantial amount of light.  If it covers a fairly large portion of the wall, it will do a great job.  Mirrors are also excellent at making a room appear bigger than it actually is.  As with many design features in a bathroom, it is all about the perception of space and how to unlock it.

Mode Rodia LED mirror

With a demister and shaver socket, the Mode Rodia LED mirror will provide more than just illumination for your bathroom

Where to place small mirrors

If you simply don’t have space for a large mirror, try placing a small mirror on the wall directly opposite the window instead and use a larger mirror elsewhere in your room. This will allow the light to bounce from one mirror to the next and can prove highly effective. The great thing about bouncing natural light is that, unlike some artificial lighting, it is very soft, rather than hard, bright and garish.

Add a light

Talking of artificial light, why not add some stylish bathroom lighting above your mirror? A simple wall light will give you an added boost when applying makeup or doing those close-up things.

Give the room a repaint

Bathrooms are often quite small and easy to paint.  Giving your bathroom a once-over with a coat of bright white will not only help it look showroom-new again, but the fresh coat of paint will also reflect all the room’s natural light, rather than absorbing it.  

Always remember to use waterproof paint in the bathroom area. Waterproof paint won’t flake and it will last a whole lot longer than other varieties such as standard emulsion that’s used on interior walls. We would recommend using a high quality paint such as our Craig & Rose 1829 range.

Daisy Chain kitchen and bathroom paint

A quick lick of paint, like this cheerful Daisy Chain colour, will make your bathroom feel lighter

A few metal features and furnishings, should you want to add them, will also reflect and enhance natural light, creating a fresh, airy and extremely welcoming room.


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