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Bathroom Ideas: Future Fusion
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Bathroom Ideas: Future Fusion

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 6 years ago 6 min read

Ever wondered what the bathroom of tomorrow will look like? Luckily, you don't have to wait to find out! With our latest style guide, we'll show you how to incorporate all the latest technology into a stylish, contemporary bathroom design.

With digital showers and smart bathroom systems, a fully connected and customisable bathroom is well within your grasp. In our latest "Get the Look", I'll be exploring some of the great time-saving bathroom gadgets that are available, so you can create a space-age bathroom design without paying sky-high prices.

What is the look?

The look we've created combines all the on-trend elements and features you'd expect from a contemporary bathroom with the very latest in smart technology. That's why we've named it Future Fusion.

Many of us use modern technology in various aspects of our life, whether it's ordering something online via a tablet or smartphone, or catching up on our favourite TV programmes via a digital TV. In fact, everything seems to be getting "smarter" these days, so why shouldn't your bathroom follow suit?

Future Fusion is a very neutral look, making it suitable for singles, couples and families of all ages. It demonstrates that a futuristic bathroom needn't look like something from a science fiction film, nor does it need to feel sterile or cold. The modern technology incorporated into a Future Fusion bathroom is designed to keep your space feeling warm, bright and welcoming, helping you to relax and customise certain aspects to suit your individual needs.

Future Fusion inspiration

A great place to begin with any bathroom project, a mood board allows you to pull together all the products, colours, materials and patterns you love, from all manner of different sources. For the Future Fusion bathroom, I have done some of the hard work for you and created my own mood board, however, you could certainly add your own personal touches to this.

Future Fusion mood board

Adding tech to your Future Fusion bathroom

While the rest of your home has moved on in terms of technology, it's highly likely that your bathroom still functions pretty much as it did 50 years ago, with a pneumatic flush toilet, basin, bath and taps. The closest many of us come to making our bathrooms smarter is adding an LED mirror or digital shower.

You shouldn't be put off by new technology in your bathroom, it's easier to fit than you think. With a smart or digital shower system, you can control and customise your experience, including operating a shower and bath filler, for a perfect personalisation every time. Switch between manual or automated control from any of your smart devices, such as a phone or tablet, or sync it up to work with Amazon Alexa, meaning voice activation is no longer an invention of the movies!

Future Fusion bathroom technology

Of course, there is more technology on offer than just a smart bathroom system. Take underfloor heating for example. Fitting neatly below your tiles, underfloor heating is a great way to keep your toes warm on those cold winter mornings. It also means no need for obtrusive radiators, allowing more space for the products you really want.

An LED mirror will provide much-needed task lighting, especially when you're getting ready to go out. With a demister and infrared hands-free on/off switch, you can use it straight after your bath or shower, even with wet or soapy hands.

There are even more gadgets and tech that can be introduced, including motion sensor flushes, LED shower heads that indicate water temperature and even Bluetooth speakers, so you can listen to your favourite music as you shower.

Creating your Future Fusion bathroom

To illustrate the look, I worked with our in-house team of product experts to create this fabulous bathroom.

Future Fusion bathroom

Key elements of your Future Fusion bathroom:

  • A clean and contemporary look and feel
  • Simple monochrome colour scheme with one bold accent colour if desired
  • Wood or wood effect surfaces to add a feeling of warmth
  • The latest in bathroom technology
  • Underfloor heating to free up wall space
  • LED mirror for added lighting options

Shop products for your Future Fusion bathroom


Whilst the basic design of the toilet hasn't moved on much since Edwardian times, there is now a range of stylish, modern options to choose from. We've opted for a wall hung toilet with the cistern and mounting frame discreetly concealed behind a partition wall. This provides a neat, clean appearance and you can also push the boundaries of technology with a motion sensor flush—perfect if your mobility is a little limited.

Future Fusion suite


A walk in shower or wet room really is the way forward in the bathroom of the future. With level and open access, a walk in shower will keep your bathroom feeling open and spacious, especially where frameless glass panels are used. For a more designer look and feel, choose the 8mm spacious wet room panel pack with hinged return panel from Mode Bathrooms.

For full control and customisation, choose a digital or smart showering system. This will allow you to set your shower running automatically in the morning, at the perfect temperature for you. Other members of your family can do the same, for a fully personalised experience. You can even combine with a slider rail kit or body jets for more options.

Future Fusion shower


Freestanding baths are increasing in popularity, so why not ride the wave of the future and install your very own tub? To coordinate with the monochrome colour scheme, we've chosen a bath with black surround. The simple shape and clean lines fit in with the overall design.

Smart or digital shower systems can also be used to fill your bath to perfection. Set your ideal temperature and away you go. You could even run your bath so it's ready the moment you step through the door. Or run a cooler bath for your children whilst you play with them downstairs. A waterfall bath filler spout, like the one pictured below, adds a wonderfully dramatic element to proceedings.

Future Fusion bath


With a lack of space being a real concern in modern homes, the bathroom of the future needs to be smart in terms of storage. Choose a wall hung vanity unit, as opposed to a pedestal basin, to make optimum use of that space. Select furniture with a clean white finish and simple styling, along with soft close doors and drawers that help keep your bathroom a peaceful place to be.

If you are thinking of adding a partition wall, why not consider building an inset storage area? You can purchase these pre-made and simply slot them into your design.

Future Fusion storage


As mentioned, underfloor heating needn't be the preserve of the rich and the famous anymore. It can be easily laid beneath vinyl flooring or tiles, leaving a wonderfully warm surface on a cold winter's day. There's also no need for bulky radiators anymore, freeing up your wall space.

Underfloor heating is also getting smarter, with self-learning technology that is able to tell you exactly when to turn your heating on for the perfect temperature. Some thermostats, like those from Warmup, can also provide you with live traffic and public transport reports, helping you plan your daily routine. They'll even alert you when you're spending too much on your bills, showing you the cheapest tariffs available. Now that's smart!

Walls & floors

Metro tiles are very popular and can be used to create a clean, contemporary look and feel. Choose a different coloured grout to enhance the look. I'd also recommend adding wood effect vinyl flooring to give a sense of warmth, to ensure your bathroom doesn't feel dull and sterile.

Shop the bathroom of the future today

The bathroom of the future can be yours today, so why not find out more about smart bathrooms right now?

Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Style guides | 6 years ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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