A corner bath is a great way to add a bit of luxury to a bathroom, as well as being a space-efficient design.

You can relax in comfort with several different interior designs to choose from, including whirlpool baths. This guide will introduce you to the range of corner baths at VictoriaPlum.com, and give you some tips on what to think about when choosing one.

Styles of corner bath

Corner baths share a similar general shape, though there are some variations to choose from with the internal layout. You can also choose from right hand or left hand set ups to best suit your bathroom space.

The Camden corner bath features a comfortable curved area for lying back and relaxing, with the extra capacity making it feel luxurious and spa-like.

Camden corner bath

The Camden is available as both a left and right hand fitting model

The Camden bath also comes in a whirlpool version, so you can create a truly luxurious bathroom. Take a look at our whirlpool baths buying guide for more information about this style.

The Realm corner bath offers a slightly different look, with three outside angles rather than a single curve, and a large capacity for that indulgent feel.

Realm corner bath

The Realm corner bath gives you greater options when it comes to bathing


Corner baths take up more overall floor space than a straight bath, but their shape means they can actually work better for smaller rooms. The longest side of our corner baths go from 1200mm to 1500mm, whereas our straight baths start at around 1700mm in length. This means a corner bath can fit better into a smaller space, particularly if your bathroom is more square in shape.


Bath panels

A bath panel is needed to complete the look of your corner bath, creating a smooth and sleek finish, hiding unsightly pipework and resulting in the appearance of a fully built in bath. Simply check the full specifications of your chosen bath to find out which bath panels you need.


Your choice of taps can make a big difference to the finished look and feel of your corner bath. You can create a really luxurious and contemporary look with a waterfall mixer tap, or provide some extra functionality with a bath shower mixer tap.

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