Although we are well into the 21st century and setting our goals and aims for the years ahead in our personal life, when it comes to interiors we are still looking back for inspiration.

It seems that vintage and Victorian style bathrooms are as popular as ever, and most likely more popular than they were in their day. This doesn’t take too much to believe as they had no warm running water and the toilets were outside!

We often get asked which products are best for creating a Victorian style bathroom. So, in this blog post, we'll be showcasing some of our favourites:


V&A Santiago Décor turquoise gloss tile

Authentic to the Victorian period, these tiles come from the Victoria & Albert collection

These V&A tiles are both colourful and vintage in style, featuring a black decorative motif on top of a gorgeous turquoise background. The tile is based on a ceramic tile design from 16th - 17th century Syria and can be used as a standalone accent or combined with 3 other décor tiles to create a full motif. Why not mix and match this motif tile with one of our V&A turquoise gloss tiles to create a border around your pattern?

Bathroom suite

Regency bathroom suite range

For a Victorian toilet and basin, choose a traditional suite

A bathroom simply wouldn't be functional without a toilet, a basin or even a bath or a shower. Now even these essentials can add to the style of the room. Take for example this Regency bathroom suite range.

The Regency is perfect for any period-style bathroom, manufactured from high quality vitreous china, the angular lines and bevelled edges of this sumptuous range recall a classic era of bathroom design. This range even includes a high level toilet which features a traditional pull chain flush, stainless steel cistern to pan connector and ornate wall brackets. Could you get more traditional?

Another great heritage bathroom range is the Camberley, which includes baths, basins, toilets, furniture and accessories. It combines real style and elegance with all the performance and practicality you'd expect from modern manufacturing and materials, to create a highly versatile and attractive choice.

Freestanding baths

Winchester slipper bath

A slipper bath will really enhance a Victorian bathroom. But what is a slipper bath?

Nothing quite says luxury like a freestanding bath, and this Winchester slipper bath, with ornate dragon claw feet that raise the tub off the ground, adds to the Victorian bathroom we are looking to achieve.


Elizabeth traditional radiator

Carrying on the regal theme, the Elizabeth radiator will bring genuine warmth to your bathroom decor

Our final product is the Elizabeth radiator, and it is one of our favourites. Not only will the radiator keep your bathroom nice and toasty but it looks amazing. With an anodised cast iron centre, it gives a real modern twist on a traditional radiator.

So these are our top picks for creating a Victorian style bathroom, but we would love to hear what you think. How would you create your perfect vintage inspired bathroom? Which products would you choose? Comment below…