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Trend update: Thoughtful displays

Trend update: Thoughtful displays

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Inspiration | 8 years ago 3 min read

Do you ever look at an interiors magazine and think that everything in the image has a purpose and a function? Well, that would be because it does in the latest trend to make its way into our homes... thoughtful displays.

The term "thoughtful displays" might make you think of your garden, but this trend is all about the inside of your home. In fact, it is about creating a space that does more than what it has been named to do. For example a bedroom becomes more than just the room where you sleep, it becomes your dressing room, a place to relax and even a place to study.

What we really love about this trend is that you don't need to spend hours or even a lot of money to get your home looking good. All this trend requires, is that you use what you already own, tweaking and changing elements of it from time to time.

Thoughtful display shelf

Forget selfies, we bring you the "shelfie". Show off all your artwork and knick-knacks

The thoughtful bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to create your first thoughtful display, giving you the chance to showcase all of the gorgeous toiletries you might currently have stored away.


I am a big fan of wall mounted storage units. They can be fitted at different heights to create a feature wall out of valuable storage. Make the most out of this style by mixing and matching with your bathroom furniture.


Towels are a necessity for any bathroom, so why not put them on display and make them stand out, instead of hiding them away?


Again mirrorsare typical in most bathrooms. By placing them in a pattern on the wall, you can create a beautiful feature wall that will also help to bounce light around your bathroom. It'll also give you a little more room to fix your hair or makeup!

Options contemporary towel shelf

Don't tuck your towels away. Show them off!

The thoughtful bedroom

The bedroom is another great place in which to create this thoughtful display we've been talking about. There is often a need to turn your bedroom into a space that can be used for more than just sleeping.

Bedside tables

Most bedrooms will have a bedside table which can double as a great surface to lay out your possessions. Placing your items in a specific layout is a simple but very effective method of creating a thoughtful display.


This trend is all about turning your everyday items into something to admire - so even placing your books on a shelf can become a work of art, not just practical storage.

Clothes art

Hanging clothes somewhere that isn’t your wardrobe is a big element of this trend, so why not showcase your favourite dresses or coats on an external rail? This tip has got to be my favourite, as it is a great excuse to go out and buy another dress!

Rome reclaimed pine bedroom furniture

Put your possessions and even your clothing on display in your curated bedroom

However you use your rooms, make sure they're ready for anything with this great trend.

We would love to see how you have created your own thoughtful displays. Tweet us your pictures @VictoriaPlumUK using #VPShareYourStyle.

Author, Nicky Kingston

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Inspiration | 8 years ago

Nicky is our resident Stylist and loves bringing new and exciting bathroom trends to life. Nicky’s passion for design led to a 1st class degree in Surface Design & Textiles, before earning a reputation as a home stylist in London.

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