The bedroom, in many cases, is a place where you can showcase your style and personality through furniture and decoration.

Showcasing femininity is pretty simple to do and the majority of the work involves adding your own personal touches.


Your bedroom walls are a great place to start and you can immediately show off your style with the patterns, materials and colours you use. You can choose wallpaper, paint or create a feature wall.

Feature walls are very popular in the UK and can make any room look both stylish and, of course, feminine. For a totally feminine look, team a floral wallpapered feature wall with a pastel pink coloured paint. Prefer darker colours? Team grey paints with a monochrome damask wallpaper.

Bedroom furniture

Furniture in the bedroom should match the feminine style, mirrored effect furniture with handle details are a perfect way to add femininity to a bedroom and our Paris range is a perfect solution. Coming in either mirrored or ice white, this range would look perfect in any feminine bedroom and, with crystal glass handles, they look fabulous.

Paris White Glass trifold mirror

To maximise femininity, why not make space for a dressing table made from mirror glass and top it with the matching trifold mirror?


Chandeliers are a perfect way to add an instant feminine effect to any room. From blacks to creams, the colours can complement any style décor and also showcase elegance. Alternative lighting solutions include personalising your bedroom with fairy lights. Whether these are hung on the wall or at the end of your bed, these always look beautiful in any room and are perfect with a good book.


As previously mentioned, there’s no better way to add femininity to your room than personalisation. And by personalisation, we mean your choice of accessories. The perfect bedspread, curtains or photo frames can each show your personality and add to the feel of the bedroom. Soft shapes and furnishings all add the femininity factor to your bedroom. One of the top bedroom trends this year the colour pink in many different shades. Maximise the femininity with a range of cushions and bedding in a range of shades.

Serene mulberry double bed

An upholstered bed, will provide a softer element to your decor