If you've ever visited a boutique hotel, you'll appreciate just how hard hotel-owners work to achieve stunning interiors that wow their guests.

Often employing top designers to devise a concept, hotel bathrooms are the very epitome of luxury and indulgence, with a layout that promotes relaxation and pampering. Of course, many of us would love to emulate this five star look in our own homes, which is why we've come up with this handy style guide.

Taking inspiration from Ideal Home's Hotel-style bathroom ideas to inspire a luxurious scheme, we'll show you just some of the ways you can achieve a stunning hotel style without spending extortionate prices.

Before you check-in

Why not check out the world's best hotel bathrooms, as judged by the team here at VictoriaPlum.com. We've picked an eclectic mix of hotels from around the world, demonstrating how you could achieve each look in your own home.

The world's best hotel bathrooms

Create focus

Ideal Home’s article recommends adding a feature wall to draw the focus in your hotel-inspired bathroom but you can also turn your bathtub into the primary feature. This is simple enough to do—simply position it in an area where it’ll stand out and consider your use of colour very carefully.

Harrison freestanding bath

The gorgeous Harrison freestanding bath will certainly give your bathroom some 5 star appeal

White is the classic option but if you place it on contrasting feet or against a brightly coloured wall then you’ll make sure all eyes fall here. Take a look at our selection of freestanding baths for an idea of what we mean.

Think outside the box (or tub)

Not all ideas have to follow conventional routes and one idea we really liked was sinking your bath. You’ll need to look at double ended baths for this and consider how much building work will be required, but the end result is something truly spectacular. If dropping your bath is too much work, why not raise it up instead?

Buy in pairs

For a really elegant look, why not buy furniture or bathroom units in pairs? Giving your bathroom a real “his and hers” feel. This not only adds plenty of style points to the room but also ensures arguments over whose turn it is to use the bathroom are a thing of the past.

Wash basins are the main areas to look at here but you may also want to consider investing in your own individual cabinets to keep toiletries separate. Luckily, you can purchase twin vanity units in a range of finishes, like the one pictured below, with more conventional counter top basins also working well.

Orchard Wye essen wall hung double basin unit 1200mm

The beautiful double vanity unit from the Orchard Wye collection is available in a range of finishes, plus there is the option of a floorstanding model

Pay attention to detail

Aside from these larger considerations, the smaller details also need to be given plenty of thought. This means placing lighting strategically around the room, evaluating your choice of materials carefully and selecting appropriate furnishings and fitting such as taps.

Wood is always a popular material, especially if combined with modern, sleek designs. Wenge wood is a particularly great choice as the darker colour adds an extra level of elegance but lighter options can work better where space is at a premium.

With lighting, remember that mood and visibility are equally important so use spotlights and under-cabinet lighting to help create a sensuous and relaxing atmosphere that is as practical as it is beautiful.

More hotel bathroom inspiration

Of course, these are just a few ways in which you can bring hotel glamour into your bathroom and whether you add vanity mirrors, patterned decorations or symmetrical layouts you’ll soon find yourself whisked away into five-star paradise with these ideas.

Before you "check out", make sure you read our article on the world's best hotel bathrooms for more great inspiration.