Want to treat yourself to an indulgent, spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home? What you need is a glamour bathroom and here at VictoriaPlum.com we know just how you can get one.

What is a glamour bathroom?

To create the style you need to first understand it. Put simply, a glamour bathroom is one which uses traditional, stylish items to create a clean, uncluttered and serene atmosphere in which to bathe. Sleek white units, sumptuously soft furnishings and delicate accessories all combine to create something truly beautiful.

How to create a glamour bathroom?

First things first, you need to choose your bathroom units and appliances. Sleek, clean lines are a must-have and rounded profiles give the look a softer edge than the sharp lines of modern square-based designs. The Planet Range is a perfect example of this:

Planet Select White Wall Hung 800 Drawer Unit & Basin with Essen Insert

A roll top bath is the ideal option and should be placed in the centre of the room (providing there is space to accommodate it) to make it a real style feature. The Harding Slipper Bath shouts glamour but you’ll want to combine this with a frameless shower cubicle if you want to go all out.

Harding Single Ended Slipper Bath

Keep fixtures and fittings simple and matching with waterfall effect taps and wall mounted shower risers. For the toilet, a wall hung or back-to-wall option is best and your wash basin can be set upon a basin cabinet for a stylish choice with integrated storage.

When it comes to walls and floors, opt for designs which are elegant and understated. You don’t want anything too bold so avoid bright colours and go for warm, muted colours or pastels instead. Tiling is great for the flooring but when it comes to the walls consider combining tiles with lightly patterned wallpaper to provide another style focus.

Keep room dressings light with clear shower screens or frameless shower enclosures chosen over shower curtains and window dressings kept light and plain in colour.

Glamorous colours

Glamorous bathrooms are all about sophistication and class and that means simple colours are best. Here are our choice picks:

  • White appliances and units for a clean profile

  • Chrome fixtures and fittings for a dash of modern style

  • Muted browns, beiges, creams and light wood effects for accessories and soft furnishings to add warmth

Key features

Aside from your decisions over bath and shower, there are number of other key features to consider with a glamour bathroom. They are:

  • Varied lighting comprising adjustable spotlights for mood lighting and accent lights to enhance certain style features (these are best placed around baths or showers)

  • Chrome-effect accessories such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders for a design that flows

  • Wooden bath mats for spa-like indulgence

  • White cabinets and storage units for a clean and practical solution for storing toiletries

  • Muted, lightly patterned wallpapers and white tiles for attractive wall coverings

  • White tile flooring for practicality and style

  • Metal and glass accessories and light fixtures for extra indulgence