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Discover why choosing high quality bathroom sealant can make a huge difference
DIY advice

Discover why choosing high quality bathroom sealant can make a huge difference

Posted by Rebecca Doody in DIY advice | 1 year ago 7 min read

Have you considered which sealant your bathroom fitter will be using? By taking just 5 minutes to discuss this, we find out how it can make a huge difference to your new bathroom.

As both trusted suppliers of bathroom adhesives and homeowners ourselves, we’ve noticed there is a general lack of knowledge among consumers when it comes to adhesives and coatings, such as silicone sealants and silicone caulk. That's why we've created this resource to educate you about the different types of silicone sealants available, helping you to make informed decisions.

Something else we’ve noticed is that consumers are willing to invest more in high quality products that offer long-lasting results. And this makes complete sense, meaning you’ll be even more satisfied with the end result. On the flip side, if you leave this decision to the person fitting your bathroom, they may prioritise cost-cutting measures, which, again, is only natural. This is why it pays to be well informed about the components used in bathroom renovation projects, including silicone sealant, to ensure the standard of finish is exactly what you expect.

For DIY advice, check out our guide to applying sealant

What you should know about sealants and renovations

When it comes to renovation discussions, adhesive products like sealants are rarely given much consideration by homeowners. Topics such as walls and flooring, electricity, plumbing and ceramics tend to take centre stage, while silicone sealant often remains overlooked.

Most homeowners (and even the professionals) involved in renovation projects seldom think about the brands of sealants being used alongside tiles, vinyl or even laminate flooring. Unfortunately, sealants only become a concern when they start deteriorating or peeling off, resulting in an unsightly appearance.

As specialists in the sealant industry, we believe this mindset needs to change. We are firm believers that every homeowner should prioritise making the best decisions for their homes in the long run.

We simply suggest that you inquire with your plumber or bathroom fitter about the type and brand of adhesive they plan to use in your property—particularly in the crucial spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

One crucial point to remember is to be specific about the brand and model of sealant you want them to use. Considering the minimal impact of adhesive costs on overall project expenses, we don't believe any professional worth their salt will hesitate to accommodate your request.

Applying silicone sealant around a shower tray

High quality sealants will form a waterproof seal around shower trays and other products in your bathroom

The types of adhesives Trade professionals use for homes

Poor quality adhesives

It is often easier for a Tradesperson to opt for inexpensive, poor quality sealants, as they can purchase them in bulk for multiple projects, saving a significant amount of money. Additionally, customers rarely specify their desired brand or type of adhesive, giving Tradespeople the freedom to choose the cheapest option available. While inferior sealants may last for nearly 2 years, most customers won't request repairs for sealants that were installed almost 2 years ago.

Reasons for using high quality adhesives

High quality caulking products and adhesives provide homes with longer-lasting, superior sealants, ensuring you don't have to worry about replacement for an extended period. Surprisingly, many top quality silicone sealants are reasonably priced, considering their enhanced performance. Adhesives represent only a small fraction of the overall cost while offering considerable benefits.

The importance of insisting on high quality adhesives

You’ll find numerous examples of poor quality adhesives deteriorating prematurely, resulting in black spots and discolouration due to mould growth. Yellowing of sealants due to ageing or exposure to UV rays is also a common issue. Stiffening, fragility, cracks and adhesive peeling off from connections, leading to water leakage, are frequent problems associated with low quality sealants.

Within a short period, ranging from a few days to weeks, low quality sealants can cause plenty of issues. These problems can also arise with premium sealants, but the time it takes for them to occur makes a significant difference.

Mould development, one of the most common problems in homes, can begin in as little as 2 weeks with poor sealants. On the other hand, a high quality adhesive installed over 2 decades ago can effectively resist mould growth for years. Investing in high quality adhesives can significantly extend the lifespan of sealants, reducing the need for replacements or repairs. The extra expenditure on superior adhesives is justified by their longevity alone.

When speaking with your bathroom fitter, it is certainly worth pushing for higher quality adhesives to prevent or delay unsightly issues like mould growth and adhesive failures that can be easily avoided.

Find out more about why silicone sealant turns mouldy.

Applying sealant around a bath

A high quality sealant will ensure a high quality finish, designed to last

Understanding sealants

How do sealants work? In essence, a sealant is a substance applied to fill gaps, crevices and openings between components (for example, your bath and the wall). When different materials are joined together to form an assembly, such as a basin and countertop, a sealant acts as a barrier, preventing moisture or other substances from penetrating the surfaces and components it covers.

Achieving optimum performance from sealants

It's essential to understand how sealants should function without causing more problems than they solve. Firstly, a sealant must adhere well to the surface it is applied to, preventing water from seeping through and causing water-related damage. It should also remain stable and resistant to deterioration or chemical changes. Additionally, the sealant must possess flexibility to accommodate structural movements, even if they are minimal, without cracking or tearing. UV and chemical resistance are vital qualities for extended durability.

A clean, mould-free bathroom

Produce the best finish for your bathroom by following expert advice around silicone sealants

Can bathroom sealant be used outside?

Using bathroom sealant outside is not recommended. Bathroom sealants are specifically formulated for indoor use, where they are exposed to controlled environments and moderate conditions. They are designed to withstand moisture, humidity and typical bathroom conditions.

When used outside, sealants designed for bathrooms may not provide adequate protection against the harsh elements and extreme weather conditions. Outdoor sealants need to be formulated differently to withstand UV exposure, temperature fluctuations and water penetration. They often have enhanced durability and weather resistance properties.

If you require sealant for outdoor applications, it is best to choose a sealant specifically designed for outdoor use. These sealants are formulated to handle the challenges posed by the environment and offer better protection against water, sunlight and temperature changes.

It's important to read the product labels and choose sealants appropriate for the intended application. Using the right sealant for each specific area will ensure optimum performance and longevity.

In conclusion

While sealants constitute a small portion of the overall cost in any renovation project, their visibility makes them a vital component. In your bathroom alone, you’ll no doubt come into contact with the sealant around your sink at least twice a day while brushing your teeth, if not more! Therefore, it's crucial that you prioritise purchasing the best adhesives and highest quality products, especially considering the affordability of sealants.

We’d urge any homeowner preparing for renovations to take just 5 minutes to discuss adhesives with their designers and renovators. Make sure they use a product you trust and are familiar with, and don't allow them to opt for an inferior alternative that may cause future headaches. Your home deserves nothing less than exceptional adhesives for long-lasting performance.

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in DIY advice | 1 year ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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