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How do I style my small bathroom?
Room planning

How do I style my small bathroom?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago 5 min read

Unsure about you want to style your bathroom? Is it a small or compact space? We've got a few ideas that can help...

Want to enhance your bathroom space but finding the compact area hard to work with? Fear not, as there are plenty of ways to utilise smaller bathrooms, including everything you need to make the room appear larger. Taking advantage of things like natural light, corners and clever storage is important and will help your compact bathroom to feel less restricted. There are ways to make the small space feel bigger without having to spend a fortune on knocking down your wall to fit a new window.

Accents Slimline slate matt wall hung cabinet

Choose bright and light colours

If you want a cosy bathroom, look into choosing colours inspired by nature, like green, that flatter your bathroom decor. Add elements from nature like a wood-effect floor to create a comfy and warm vibe in your bathroom. 

Choose dark colours

  This might contradict what we just said, but if you’re worried about having constrained space in your bathroom, we recommend painting your bathroom with darker colours, which adds depth and a dimension of space to your bathroom. If you apply a gloss paint to your bathroom walls, it will also create the effect of a night sky in your bathroom, reflecting moonlight quite prettily at night. 

Another good small bathroom idea is to use things like pedestal sink and a few floating shelves.

Add mirrors for depth

To create further illusions of space, plaster mirrors onto your bathroom wall, as this will reflect light well and the space behind open doors, creating the effect of an open window. Plus, you get to see yourself in 360 degrees, so you’ll be able to check yourself from the back and ensure that your outfit looks on point at all times. 

Reeves Wharfe white corner small drawer fitted furniture pack with black worktop

Many mirrors on the wall

Not all walls of small bathrooms can afford to be lined with windows surrounding this space. If this is something you struggle with, you can look at lining your bathroom with several mirrors to add a small dimension of depth. 

Choose a shower screen

While it might be the obvious choice to go with shower curtains, sometimes traditional isn’t always better. To make your bathroom space feel more open, consider forgoing the curtains and choose a clear glass screen to separate your shower area from the rest.

Remove the door

If you think that having a shower curtain or a shower door is too much of a hassle, or if you think of them as a pointless expense, take the liberty to remove these separations. However, you will require high-functioning drainage systems to prevent the bathroom from staying moist, and this in turn prevents the build-up of mould. 

Light up your mirror

Playing with light is a life hack in interior design, especially when working with small spaces. If you’re looking to open up the space in your bathroom, go for a chic mirror that is backlit, at the same time helping to create a minimalistic vibe in your bathroom.

Tile up to style up

For those who want a bathroom with flair, and do not want to spend a bomb on creating a unique design, look no further than lining your walls with tiles. Made to last, tiles can be lined from the ground up. With smaller spaces, we recommend using smaller ceramic tiles, which can also be mixed and matched to create a truly unique design that no one else has. If you prefer a pop of colour, leap to add a wash of colour into your bathroom, and you might even be able to create a kaleidoscope of colour. 

Mode Harrison white wall hung vanity unit and basin 600mm

Lengthen the curtains

If you have a taller ceiling in your bathroom, and you prefer using shower curtains, you can look at extending your shower curtain to the ceiling of your bathroom. This creates the illusion of lengthening your walls, expanding the available space that you have in your bathroom. 

Opt for a pocket door

Avant-garde bathrooms are all the craze right now, and the more unconventional the elements of your bathroom are, the more impressive they’ll seem to you and your guests. However, when choosing to furnish, one must also think about its use. If storage is a major concern for you, consider installing a door that can be rolled away into your wall to open up space for more storage space. 

Declutter by adding sinks

Some people choose to put their bathroom necessities on the floor, which adds to a sense of clutter and poses a danger of tripping. By installing a floating sink, the floor remains uncluttered, and is also a lot more accessible at user height. 

Have a consistent tile pattern

Instead of separating tile patterns for your bathroom floor and your shower, use a consistent tile type to tile your floor, as having unbroken patterns creates a greater perception of depth, making your bathroom feel more spacious. 

Shelve everything in the shower

One of the reasons why small bathrooms can feel even smaller is the lack of storage. If you own a wide array of bathroom essentials (such as skincare products, hair products and oral products), consider investing in a shelf to hold all your soaps and bottles. It doesn’t require much effort either, as even beginners can build a shelf in the bathroom in about 20 minutes. 


As property prices continue to rise, most of us have to adjust to living in very space-starved homes, making it difficult to achieve the house of our dreams. Some of us might not want to sacrifice style for utility, but thankfully interior designers have found several tips and tricks to create illusions of space. 

Your bathroom is a precious and private space, and chances are, you are going to spend a significant amount of time in it, so why not invest in building it up to look exactly the way you want it? You don’t need a mansion to make a masterpiece, and we hope that our tips have guided you in working with whatever limited space you have, to create the stylish space you always wanted. 

More small bathroom ideas

If you are looking for more inspiration to create that tranquil bathroom space, you’ll find plenty of superb design ideas for small bathrooms (and even large ones) at Victoria Plum. Simply click on the image below to begin.

Small bathroom ideas

Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Room planning | 1 year ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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