How is a basin made?

Ever wondered how your bathroom basin is made? Let us take you behind the scenes…

It’s something we use multiple times every day and something we take very much for granted, our humble wash basin performs a daily task day in, day out. Yet, one thing you’ve probably never considered is the amount of craftsmanship and expertise that goes into making your basin. The only time you’ll probably even consider what goes into making a basin is when you come to buy one and you look for something that is high in quality.

So how is a basin made? Here at, our basins are made to the highest of standards, so we’re more than happy to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the whole process in detail.

Here is how a basin is made

Step 1—Moulding

First, we begin with the moulding process which takes the raw ingredients and forms them into the shape of each design.

Moulding the basin

Step 2—Drying

Next, each item undergoes a thorough drying process, to ensure they build strength.

Drying the basin

Step 3—Glazing

Once dried, all products are carefully prepared for glazing, which adds a durable, shiny surface which is easy to clean. The glaze is thoroughly applied to all visible surfaces.

Glazing the basin

Step 4—Heating

The basin is then prepared for heating. A red dye which disappears during this process is applied to each item, to ensure it heats evenly. All items are placed into the oven, where temperatures reach 1,220 degrees centigrade.

Heating the basin

Step 5—Quality Control

A number of rigorous checks are carried out during the production process, to ensure each item, and the raw materials we use, meet the strictest of standards.

Checking the quality of the basin

Step 6—Cleaning and packaging

The finished product is cleaned and polished by hand before being securely packaged, ready for your order.

Cleaning and packaging the finished basin

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