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How much does new bathroom flooring cost?
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How much does new bathroom flooring cost?

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 2 years ago 5 min read

Enhancing your bathroom with a brand new floor can be a great way to lift, improve and lighten your space. There are many different options to choose from, and it can feel overwhelming when looking at prices. To help you, we’ve put together a handy guide to bathroom floor costings.

Whether you want to completely revamp your whole bathroom, or simply make a few changes, a new bathroom floor can make a huge difference.

When it comes to choosing what sort of floor to go for, however, it can be tricky to know what is best for you and your needs. Bathroom installation costs also need to be thought through.

Wood effect bathroom flooring


Your choice needs to not only look nice and match your walls and décor, but it also needs to be practical and unaffected by water and humidity. It’s also a good idea to select a floor that is slip-resistant and easy to clean. There are so many options with different price tags that are measured per square metre.

Range of styles available

Although it can feel somewhat confusing, our useful guide covers all the different bathroom flooring that we offer. With market-leading brands and a range of styles available, there is something for every budget and every preference.


Materials include engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl and stone plastic composite (SPC). Material is crucial if you are considering installing underfloor heating. You can also choose bathroom floor tiles and ceramic tiles. Floor and wall tiles often go hand in hand when it comes to styling.

Bathroom colour ideas 2022

Engineered wood bathroom flooring

Appropriate for different bathroom settings, engineered wood can be used for luxurious and designer styling, medium sized bathrooms and compact ensuite spaces. It is extremely versatile and robust thanks to the multi-layered core of the plank, which is made up of different pieces of wood rather than one solid section. Floor movement is therefore limited, and the planks remain stable.

Resistant to moisture

Engineered wood is also suitable for use in a setting where there is moisture and humidity, withstanding potentially high temperatures. It is important to note that wet towels and bath mats should not be left on the floor.

Engineered wood cost

Suitable to use with underfloor heating, engineered wood flooring is a cheaper option than solid wood or hardwood flooring.

This type of wooden flooring will mean you can expect to pay approximately £65.03 per square metre. One example is the popular Elk Dark oak engineered wood flooring which offers a natural look and texture. Bruce light oak engineered wood flooring costs £65.03 per square metre.

Engineered wood bathroom floor

Laminate bathroom flooring

If you would like to replace your existing flooring, laminate is a go-to option. A popular choice thanks to its wood look, it can create an elegant bathroom style. It is extremely practical due to the fact it is easy to clean.

Depending on what you choose and your price bracket the laminate flooring will have a tough, resin-coated top layer which makes it water resistant. You can opt for a range of wood finishes in different colours, which all suit a medium-sized bathroom as a standard choice.

Simple to install

Laminate is simple to install, which also makes life a little bit easier. Despite this, this type of flooring is susceptible to water damage so ensuring you wipe up any residue or excess water is crucial. Being difficult to repair, ensure you take care of it or the bathroom cost may add up.

Laminate cost

This type of bathroom flooring can range in price. You can expect to pay a total cost of anything from £21.85 per metre squared for products like the Haliburton silver Cedar laminate flooring, which is suitable to use with underfloor heating but not for wet rooms.

The Champlain Victorian tile water-resistant laminate flooring will cost £53.75 per metre squared due to its resilient properties. The additional costs are due to water resistance and will depend on what your bathroom suite cost looks like.

Vinyl bathroom flooring

When it comes to transforming your space, vinyl flooring will give you that luxury bathroom look you desire. It is a great way to completely transform your bathroom space, plus this approach is practical and suitable for any sized bathroom, including a small bathroom.

vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring, although luxurious, is easy to clean and maintain which is good for busy households. Durable and moisture-resistant, you will feel confident that your choice will withstand the test of time if you take care of the maintenance.

Vinyl offers a range of colours, such as natural stone and wood-look styles, with embossed and matt choices. Despite this, vinyl does not have as long a lifespan as wood, and can be tricky to remove if adhesive has been involved during the bathroom installation. Measure correctly within a square metre for best results.

Vinyl cost

It's tricky to know what the different material cost is. We offer a selection of different vinyl with a range of price tags. For the Malmo rigid click tile embossed and matt 5G option, you can expect to pay around £39.18 per square metre which is good if you want to save money.

At the other end of the scale, Malmo rigid click plank embossed 5G brant grey flooring will cost £43.31 per square metre, which is popular for a medium-sized bathroom.

SPC bathroom flooring

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, SPC bathroom flooring might be the choice for you. SPC stands for stone plastic composite, and it is a form of luxury vinyl which is suitable for all types of bathrooms and ensuite.

High quality, SPC is very different to ordinary vinyl and hardwood floors because it is 100% waterproof. SPC can also be used with underfloor heating. This means it is a durable choice and is appropriate for moisture-heavy areas with humidity.

SPC flooring from Victoria Plum

SPC is made up of several different layers with coating, core, wear and underlayers, and is created in a very practical way.

Simple to maintain and cost-effective, SPC is a popular selection when it comes to enhancing your bathroom suite. It needs to be applied to a totally flat floor, however, and the thinner material can be prone to scratches.

SPC cost

On the more affordable end of the spectrum of flooring cost, you can purchase Glacier weathered ash SPC flooring. You can expect to pay around £23.96 per square metre.

Kronostep raw imperial SPC flooring will set you back £26.49 per square metre. It is suitable to use with underfloor heating.

Bathroom tiling

Bathroom floor tiles are a great way to add style to your space. There is a huge variety of bathroom tiles to choose from that complement different bathroom suites.

Bathroom floor

Tiling costs take into account the tile materials, the supply costs, labour costs and tile layout. Tile maintenance is also important, especially for products such as glass tiles on the wall. Stylish and durable, a tiled floor can be designed to match the wall tiles. Choosing your own tiles is exciting.

Floor tiling costs

Where tiling differs from standard bathroom flooring is that there are more options to take into account and different budgets to work to. These include ceramic, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, and slate tiles. You could also opt for a mosaic tile style or a marble tile design.

Patterned tiles

Floor tiles

If you are replacing a previous bathroom, removing old tiles is also a factor to take note of when discussing tiled flooring. Having a new bathroom installed can be tricky if you don't know what to choose, so ensure you have done your research.

Porcelain tile cost

A porcelain floor tile is very dense and extremely durable. This ensures it is less susceptible to wear and tear. A porcelain tile can also be used for wall tiling thanks to its resistance to chipping.

The Arctic grey marble effect matt wall and floor porcelain tiles will cost you £24.06 per square metre. For Storm white marble effect gloss wall and floor tiles, you can expect to pay £56.24 per square metre.

White gloss floor tile

Ceramic tiles

A fully tiled bathroom can look truly effective. Elegant and versatile, tiled floors with complementing wall tiles can be created with ceramic tiles. A porcelain tile is made from refined clay which is fired at higher temperatures for durability.

A ceramic tile, however, is less dense and so is a more affordable option. This is something to take into account when looking at bathroom cost as you may also be thinking about toilet cost and shower cost.

Ceramic tile cost

Ceramic floor tiles are popular as they are cost-effective, functional and beautiful. The Girona straight border black traditional matt wall and floor tiles will cost £36.99 per square metre.

Valencia tile range

Bathroom prices—food for thought

When giving your bathroom suite an overhaul, there is a lot to work out. Whether it be waste removal costs, labour costs and bathroom fitters, it all adds up and can create additional costs. You can opt to lay tiles yourself or go to a professional tiler.

DIY bathroom tiling can be a big job depending on your bathroom size, and there is a risk of broken tiles if care is not taken. Falling tiles and a loose tile are risks. You may decide you need more tiles or a selection of new tiles in order to achieve your desired look.

Other factors

Other factors include whether you will need to tile around an existing shower tray and the number of bathroom tiles needed. Tile grout should be used to fill and seal gaps between bathroom tiling. It is an essential part of the process as it prevents moisture from getting trapped and helps to stop tiles from rubbing, cracking and looking like old tiles.

Browse our wide range at Victoria Plum—there is something for everyone.

Common questions we get asked:

How much does it cost to replace a bathroom floor?

The cost will be determined by the size and material that you choose, with a range of prices on offer.

How much does it cost to replace a small bathroom floor?

You can choose from a range of options that are suitable for a small-sized bathroom with easy installation. Price will depend on the exact size of the room.

How much does it cost to retile a bathroom floor?

Tiles are a great way to enhance your bathroom. The cost will be determined by the material, style and size of the tile.

If you're looking for something stylish, hardwearing and moisture-resistant underfoot, why not browse our full range of flooring options for your home?

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 2 years ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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