If you’re looking to replace a tile or simply regrout your tiles, we’ll show you exactly how to remove old grout with our handy video and step-by-step instructions.

Removing old grout is a necessary step when replacing a damaged tile or to freshen up the look of your bathroom. So, if you’re comfortable tackling intermediate DIY tasks, it’s something you can certainly do yourself.

As part of our series of “modern” fixes (easy ways to improve your bathroom), we’ll show you how to remove grout from tiles. Once you’ve done this, see our guide on regrouting your tiles.

What you’ll need

  • Grout rake or multi-tool with grout removal blade
  • Safety equipment
  • Stiff brush

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Time to complete:

  • A couple of minutes per tile (a multi-tool can help speed up the process)

Removing grout from tiles video

In this video, we removed grout from our Bordeaux blue flat gloss wall tile 200mm x 457mm.

Here is how to remove old grout from tiles

  1. Place the abrasive side of your grout rake or multi-tool into the grout line and begin to remove the old grout using a firm sawing action. Take care not to damage the tile in the process.

  2. If you’re removing larger areas of grout, a multi-tool with a grout removal blade can be an effective way of speeding up the process. Please wear the correct safety equipment when using this method.

  3. Once you’ve removed all of the old grout, use a stiff brush to clear out small debris from the grout line.

Congratulations, you have now removed old grout from your tiles. You’re now ready to regrout your tiles

Step-by-step images

Step 1

Placing the grout rake onto the grout line.

how to remove old grout 1

Step 2

Using a multi-tool with grout removal blade.

how to remove old grout 2

Step 3

Clearing debris with a stiff brush.

how to remove old grout 3

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