Great Gatsby

After being huge in the 1930s, Hollywood Regency style is making a modern comeback.

The over-the-top style is not just for the rich and famous; a modern version is gaining popularity, and here’s how this Hollywood look can be achieved within the bathroom in your home. This decorating style is all about the glitz and glam of luxurious living that encompasses a range of neoclassical styles developed in the early 19th century, characterised by sleek lines, colour, drama and contrast.

Spencer gold


To achieve this look within a bathroom, fill it with bold, vibrant tones such as greens, reds, yellows or turquoise and contrast them against white or black flooring or tiling to create a dramatic effect.

Vintage Chic bathroom

Black and white bathroom flooring can make a dramatic impact


Furnishings should be arranged for conversation, as this style is centred on creating a focal point. A roll top bath is the ideal way to create a main feature as it represents luxury. The Beaumont traditional freestanding bath (pictured below) has been inspired by Art Deco design, and by placing it in the centre of the bathroom, your attention is instantly drawn to it.

Beaumont bath

Lighting and detail

The little details are what bring the theme to life. Accessories made from glass or crystal are a great way to accentuate the Hollywood Regency style. Store bathroom essentials in cut glass jars and match the soap dispenser and light pull to it. Continue the theme by including a cut glass mirror if there is available space.

Add lever taps with geometric handles to really encapsulate the glitz and the glamour of this decadent era.

Beaumont lever tap range

To enhance the room further, choose a light fitting such as a sparkling chandelier or install traditional Hollywood spotlights. This will highlight specific room features and complement your room décor.

More early 20th century bathroom style

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