So, you’ve found the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom, ordered it and it’s now arrived. What should you do next?

Unwrapping any new delivery is always full of excitement, expectation and enjoyment. And when your new shower enclosure arrives it’s no different. However, it’s vitally important that you open and inspect your new product, so here are the next steps you need to take.

What to do when your shower enclosure arrives

  1. Read through the instructions provided. This will help you understand what should be included with the product.

  2. Remove all packaging and protective film. This is your opportunity to check for marks, scratches or breaks in the glass. And make sure to check your packaging, as it may contain small parts.

  3. The instructions may also suggest discarding certain components. Make sure to follow this as using incorrect parts could result in damage to the enclosure or tray when fitting.

  4. If you find any issues, contact us straight away and we can get it sorted for you.

You can call us on 0344 804 48 48 or use our LiveChat feature, where one of our dedicated Customer Care Team members will be on hand to fix the problem.

  1. Finally, it’s important to ensure you have the correct size. Carefully check the length, width and height of your new shower enclosure against your space, taking things like wall adjustment and the height of your shower tray into consideration.

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Why is it important to inspect your new shower enclosure?

With any new bathroom product, it is vitally important that you open and inspect any items as soon as they arrive. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll be completely satisfied but, you may have ordered the wrong size or, in rare instances, a product can arrive damaged. If that is the case, you need to contact us as soon as possible, or at least within 14 days of delivery.

If damage isn’t reported until over 30 days after delivery, a replacement can no longer be offered.

Reporting a damaged item

Days after delivery Action
0–14 days Once damage is confirmed, we’ll send a replacement or refund
15–30 days Once damage is confirmed, we’ll send a replacement
31 days+ Outside of replacement period

We cannot accept returns for a damaged shower enclosure once it has been fitted.

Bathroom products, by their very nature, can often be delicate or fragile, which is why it is important to check them at all stages. At Victoria Plum, we invest heavily in the latest protective packaging and employing and training our colleagues to handle your products in an expert and caring manner, to ensure your product arrives in pristine condition. That's why we're proud to be the most trusted UK bathroom retailer on Trustpilot.

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