If, like me, you own a bathroom cabinet that is simply bursting at the seams with lotions, potions, shampoo and toiletries, it's time say enough is enough and do something decisive to get rid of that clutter.

Follow our 5 simple steps and bring some order to your bathroom storage.

Step 1 - Deep cleanse

The first step is to rid your small bathroom cabinet of any unwanted or unnecessary items. For those of you who are natural hoarders, this may prove to be a tough job - but you need to find a ruthless streak. Pull out a bin bag, take a deep breath and get stuck in.

Go through your cabinet and dispose of anything you haven't used within the last 6 months. You may find there are plenty of things that are already past their use-by date (yes, even some bathroom products have use-by dates), for example, contact lens fluid or medication. Are you really going to use that funny-smelling body lotion you got given for Christmas last year? No? Chuck it.

Mode grey curved mirror cabinet 600mm

Declutter and get rid of anything you haven't used in the last 6 months

Step 2 - Prioritise

It may seem a simple idea, but those items which you use every day really need to be the first things that come to hand when you open your cabinet. It's sometimes all too easy to shove something back inside, so that it rests at the back of the cabinet.

Depending on the size of your cabinet, you could even add a hook or small containers on the inside of the door to hold longer items like hairbrushes or toothbrushes. If you have a fairly large storage cupboard, you can access toiletry bottles more easily, by placing them on a small revolving tray. Simply turn the tray to bring the item you need to the front.

Step 3 - Keep it clean, with a shower organiser

Move shampoos, soaps and conditioners into a wire basket shower organiser, which can be attached to the wall near your shower. This will help save your small bathroom cabinet from the grimy build-up you can get with certain products. As this type of bathroom accessory has a wire bottom, soap and scum simply falls through into the bath, which is much easier to clean.

Options brass double triangular shower caddy

Keep all your shampoo, soap and shower gel close at hand

Step 4 - Compartmentalise your life

If your cabinet features drawers, it may be worth dividing them up into different compartments for different products. Those you use everyday should be brought to the front of the drawers, and those you use less frequently towards the back.

Glass or clear plastic jars are ideal for making more out of your space. Move your cotton wool pads or contact lenses into one to make a much more attractive and space-effective way of storing smaller items.

Step 5 - From office supplies, a pleasant surprise

Thinking outside the box, office supplies can come in very handy when organising your bathroom cabinet. Bulldog clips and paper clip containers can be just as effective when used to hold hair pins and bobbles.

Do you have any neat tips when it comes to organising your bathroom cabinet? Share them with us by commenting below.