OK. So we've indulged in the schmaltzy romance of Valentine's Day, but as we all know the course of love never runs smooth.

Inevitably, some relationships run their course and end in a break up.

The majority of us, at one time in our lives, have ended up calling it a day with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or worse, been unceremoniously dumped. Whether this leaves you feeling down in the dumps, relieved or even ecstatic, one huge positive can be taken out of the situation: Your new found freedom means you can now revamp all your living spaces - starting with your bathroom.

MySpace white right hand combination unit with Arte back to wall toilet

Make your space your own with beautiful compact furniture, like the MySpace combination unit

When the heartbreak is at its worst, there is nothing more therapeutic than getting things back to the way you like them. So if you're newly single, now's the time to swing into action and follow our 5 top tips to reclaim your space.

1. Get that scrubbing brush out

If you've ever heard of the famous song "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" from the musical South Pacific, the sentiment is more than accurate when it comes to your bathroom. A good day of cleaning and cleansing will certainly help scrub the place clean, free of any lasting traces of your ex-partner. It's extremely therapeutic!

Get those rubber gloves on and get into the grouting with a mix of bleach and water (use his/her old toothbrush if they left it behind!). Wipe all your surfaces clean and scrub your taps, windows and mirrors to ensure a sparkling finish.

And for heavens sake, throw away any old toiletries or reminders of your ex! You certainly don't want an old deodorant canister as a permanent reminder of your lost love.

2. Reclaim your style

Did your ex dominate the bathroom design with their own tastes and furnishings? In most cases a shared bathroom has to be fairly neutral when it comes to decor. But now is the time to reclaim your bathroom and make it your own.

If you haven't got a massive budget to spend, a new lick of paint can work wonders, with on-trend colours including grey and sage green adding a new dimension to your walls. Nothing defines us like our taste in colours, so with just a small amount of work, your space will start to reflect your own personality in no time.

Traditional rain can riser system Add a more feminine touch with some flowers, matching towels and some pretty wall prints

New accessories, such as soap dispensers, towel rails and robe hooks, will reflect the changing usage of your bathroom and provide YOU with YOUR essentials exactly where YOU need them. (It's all about YOU, see?)

Take a look through inspiration galleries and gather some ideas to come up with the decor style that reflects your tastes and personality. If you've always wanted an art deco style bathroom, now's the time to realise your dream! Pinterest is the perfect place to pull together all your ideas and share with your friends.

3. Enhance your feminine/masculine features

If your ex still lingers on with little reminders here and there, it may be time to start making your bathroom slightly more feminine or masculine (depending on your own personal preferences). Feminine touches could include adding some fresh flowers along with some softer furnishings. A new window covering will also help soften the light coming into your bathroom. Get rid of things like shaving mirrors and darker colours.

For those seeking a more masculine feel, the opposite may be true. Add some contrasting accent colours with wooden bath panels and furniture. Invest in some suitably stylish towels and reclaim all that storage space, with a new shaving set and personal grooming kit. And what masculine bathroom wouldn't be complete with a selection of reading material?

Of course, it all comes down to personal taste as to how far you go, but you'll soon be feeling much more positive post break up, with all those creature comforts safely back in place.

4. Treat yourself....you deserve it!

One up-side of being a singleton - no tricky birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day gifts to buy! With all that money already saved, why not splash out and treat yourself to something a bit more fancy? If you love relaxing in the bath, why not invest in a luxurious new freestanding bath? Or for those who are always on the go, why not pick up a shower cabin with pummeling body jets for an invigorating, all-over shower experience.

5mm quadrant glass backed shower cabin 900 Splash out on a luxurious glass backed shower cabin

5. Back on the market

If you're still sat there moping and thinking cleaning or redecorating your bathroom isn't very rock 'n' roll, well just remember this: Once you are ready to get back into the dating game - and if you just so happen to invite a special someone back for a coffee - just imagine their thoughts when they look upon your beautiful, stylish bathroom rather than a tired, uninviting space, haunted by the ghost of an ex.

So who knows? When Mr or Miss Right eventually comes a-knocking, your bathroom might just be the key to unlocking their heart!