It's that moment of triumph... Your brand new bathroom is finally installed and you're ready to show it off to the world.

These days, with virtually everyone owning a smartphone, taking and sharing your photographs is easier than ever. So why not "Share your Style", by sending us a photo of your new bathroom? Find out how to Share your Style here.

To get the best out of your picture, preparation is key. So follow these top tips for the best possible photos:

1. Make sure your room is well lit

Light can make or break a photograph, so filling your beautiful new bathroom with plenty of light will go along way to showing everything off to its best. Also, try to avoid using the flash on your camera. Turn the lights on instead and let as much natural light in as you can.

Lots of artificial and natural light is key

Lots of artificial and natural light is key

2. Try and fit everything in

You’ve put a lot of time and effort into making your bathroom the best it can be, so make sure you show it all off! Try and position your camera so you get all of your new products in. This gives others a great idea of how you’ve used your space.

Try to get everything into the shot

Try to get everything into the shot

3. Remove any obstacles

As with anything, people want to be able to see the whole package, so try and move around any obstacles that might stop you being able to get the full product, or products, into the photo.

Don't let anything get in the way of a good picture

4. Safe angles

Sometimes you might have to tilt and twist to fit everything into a picture, but getting a good angle is a great place to start when taking your photo. Try to keep the camera straight, tilting forwards slightly if you need to, but never left or right. Remember if it's possible to take a step back, you can always crop an image to get rid of anything unnecessary.

Take time to get the best angle

Take time to get the best angle

5. Keep the original

You’ll definitely want to share your new room, but just remember to keep the original, unfiltered image. When you send us your picture, we’d recommend providing a version without filters or effects applied.

Don't add filters to your bathroom pictures

Don't add filters to bathroom pictures

6. Send a before and an after photograph

This isn’t essential but it’s great to see the transformation, so if you have a picture of your bathroom before the refurbishment, people would love to see that too.

Send us before and after pictures

Send us before and after bathroom pictures

7. Keep the toilet seat down

Closing the lid on your toilet not only makes the photo look a lot tidier, it shows off the design a lot better.

Keep your toilet seat firmly shut

Keep that lid shut!

Share your style

You've read the tips, now it's time to take the pics! Find out how to Share your Style here.

Who knows? This time next week, your interior design project could be earning rave reviews!


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