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Water-saving solutions: The key to a more sustainable bathroom

Water-saving solutions: The key to a more sustainable bathroom

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 9 months ago 4 min read

The climate crisis and the need to save water are topics that are never far from the headlines. In this handy article, our friends at Ideal Standard show you how simple changes can go a long way.

Increasing water efficiency is something you can do now to improve your utility bills and environmental impact. Cutting-edge technology from Ideal Standard means there are always more opportunities to save, without having to compromise on style or performance.

Ideal Standard Tesi bathroom suite

Ideal Standard bathroom suites, like this one from the Tesi collection, come with water-saving features as standard

Doing more with less

An important step towards using less water is understanding how we can use a smaller amount of water more effectively—a sustainable product still needs to do the job. Ideal Standard’s Aquablade® flush system is a result of this thinking.

By optimising water pressure and using a channel positioned close to the top of bowl, Aquablade® delivers a stronger, quieter flush that covers 95% of the bowl, all while using less water. A key feature of toilets from the Connect Air and Tesi collections, the technology removes the need for an overhanging rim (which can provide a hiding place for bacteria), meaning you’ll find it far easier to clean.

Dual flush toilets are a common fixture in newer bathrooms and actually have the potential to halve the amount of water used for each flush. Aquablade® is dual-flush at its best.

Better brassware

We’re all learning to use less water in our daily routines, but this conscious effort comes on top of all the existing pressures on our time and mental space. This is where cleverly designed brassware can share some of the load. FirmaFlow® is Ideal Standard’s next-generation ceramic disc cartridge.

Having pioneered the technology that enabled the first single-lever taps in the late 60s, we’ve now developed FirmaFlow® to make it as efficient as possible, stopping waste water from drips and increasing durability to twice as long as the industry standard. Additionally, all Ideal Standard brassware is fitted with 5 litre per minute flow regulators as standard, helping users save on water bills.

Ideal Standard Ceraline silk black basin mixer tap

As well as being effortlessly stylish, the Ceraline silk black basin mixer tap comes with an eco flow regulator to save water

When it comes to showering, the FirmaFlow® Therm cartridge is the powerhouse behind Ideal Standard’s most advanced shower mixers, including the Ceratherm T collections. With the cartridge’s eco setting, you can reduce water flow by up to 50% without a drop in performance; meanwhile, ensuring that the target temperature is reached faster allows you to save both water and energy.

With Ceratherm, this technology is packed into a beautiful package that is built to last. Furthermore, showers designed with eco-settings and flow regulators can reduce water usage by up to 25% when compared with an average bath holding roughly 80 litres of water.

Ideal Standard Ceratherm T25 exposed shower mixer, handset and overhead shower pack

Reduce your water usage without spoiling your experience with the Ceratherm T range of showers from Ideal Standard

At Ideal Standard, we’ve put decades of experience into designing our brassware to be ruthlessly water efficient. We’re making sustainability the default option in the daily routine, putting the power to reduce your impact in your hands.

Find out more about how Ideal Standard is at the forefront of shower innovation.

Future focus

While we need to start now, working to save water will be a constant concern as we continue to battle climate change. Ideal Standard’s cutting-edge engineering makes saving water easier than ever, and does so in style.

Ideal Standard Aquablade® flush technology

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More water-saving ideas and advice from Ideal Standard

If you’re looking for further inspiration and advice when it comes to saving water, you’ll find plenty of handy resources from the Ideal Standard experts, right here at Victoria Plum. From Aquablade flush technology to shower innovation, Ideal Standard are global leaders when it comes to water-saving solutions, offering you all the help you need when considering an eco bathroom.

Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 9 months ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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