A relaxing bath can be a perfect way to end the day, with a good book in one hand and something bubbly and refreshing in the other. So why not upgrade to something infinitely more indulgent?

For the ultimate in relaxation, a whirlpool bath is absolutely ideal for easing muscle tension & improving blood circulation. Since being invented by the Jacuzzi brothers in the 1950s, the technology has really come a long way and they certainly aren’t just a luxury for the rich and famous anymore. In fact, with discounted prices for whirlpool baths, it's now even easier to upgrade.

How a whirlpool bath works

A whirlpool bath is actually quite simple but very effective. A system of pumps sucks your bath water into a system of jets, which then powerfully propel the water back into the bath, mixing it with air. This produces a wonderful bubbling effect that helps soothe the body and mind.


The benefits of a whirlpool bath

Ever since the earliest times, man has understood the benefits of warm, bubbling water that is known as “hydrotherapy”. Indeed, whole “spa” towns (like Bath or Harrogate) have been built in places where natural hot springs exist. But why does hydrotherapy make us feel so good?


One of the most obvious benefits of a whirlpool bath is the way in which it relaxes you, removing stress, anxiety and allowing you to clear your mind from the pressures of the modern world. It can also help if you suffer from sleepless nights. The NHS recommends that you take a relaxing warm bath an hour before bedtime. After stepping out, your body will start cooling down which will help send you to sleep.

Mode Islington double end 12 jet whirlpool bath 1800 x 800

Increasing blood circulation

The action of the jets combined with the warmth of the water will help to stimulate veins and arteries, meaning your circulation will improve. This is great for your overall wellbeing and can also help with ailments such as joint pain or muscle strain.

Healthy skin

The water pressure will create a higher level of oxygen intake than normal baths, which will help keep your skin looking healthy. Plus the toxins in your body will be drawn to the surface by the warm water and pulled away. All our whirlpool baths contain the latest drainage systems, which rapidly flush away waste water, leaving your bath clean and ready for use.


Of course, you don’t have to use your whirlpool bath every day. It can be saved as a little luxury, or switched on when guests come to stay. However little or often you choose to use it, you have to say, it’s an impressive piece of kit to have at your disposal.

L shaped left handed 6 jet whirlpool shower bath with front panel and screen

You can even make room for a shower with this cleverly-designed whirlpool shower bath

Your choice of whirlpool bath

At VictoriaPlum.com, you’ll find whirlpool versions of our most popular baths, including single ended, doubled ended, space saving corner designs and even multi-functional shower baths. It's now even easier to upgrade from your existing bath, with a range of sizes to suit your bathroom. Find the perfect spa bath for your home today or read our whirlpool bath buying guide to discover the right model for your bathroom.