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Insight: How bathroom plumbing works
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Insight: How bathroom plumbing works

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 1 year ago 5 min read

Hoping to find out about the basics of bathroom plumbing to feel in a better position if there's ever a leak? The experts are here to help...


Plumbing leaks are very common, yet most of us probably need to call upon a professional to aid with fixing the issues. Moreover, not dealing with plumbing leaks no matter how small, can lead to a great amount of water lost. Whether its hot water, cold water, or both, your bathroom plumbing system, or home's plumbing systems, or drainage systems, whatever name you choose to call it, should be able to hold up your daily needs. Getting access to both hot water, cold water supply, and being able to quickly dispatch waste water down drainage pipes is important for any home's plumbing system.

While plumbing might seem like something that is very difficult to the untrained, in reality, all you need to know are the basics and you will be able to deal with most plumbing leaks. This will save you a lot of time and money. However, there are definitely higher-level problems with plumbing that will require help from professionals. Supply systems help get cold water and hot water to your bathroom sink, to your hot water heater, and having a concrete plan helps to prevent plumbing emergency. But how does plumbing system works and why are there sometimes two plumbing systems and still clogged drains. How does the municipal supply interact with the water meter, the vent pipes and the cold taps. We will be discussing these plumbing basics today. 

Boxing in pipes in a bathroom

The basics of plumbing

Whilst it might seem like your home plumbing system has a lot of things going on, this guide will bring you through the very basics so that you will be able to figure out how to deal with all the interconnected pipes, sewer gases, and valves in your home. 

Let us take a look at the water supply system first. The water supply system in your household consists of pipes that guide the flow of water from your city’s water supply or wells to your home. Since these pipes are heavily involved in the flow of water, they depend on the pressure a lot to allow for this movement to take place. 

There is firstly the main pipe that exists from just outside your street to into your home. This is the main pipe that connects your access to water from your home to the outside world. If you experience issues with this main pipe, you most definitely will not be able to fix this on your own and you should enquire for help. 

Other than main pipes, some households also get their water from wells. Since water must flow from wells to the households, they require a lot of pressure, and if the pressure is not high enough then the water will not be able to flow efficiently to all parts of the house.

The first warning signs of insufficient pressure are usually seen in your showers and faucets. It is usually due to leaks and blockages that such pressure issues occur and this can be fixed by yourself. 

However, if the cause of the problem is different, getting the help of a plumber would be the next viable option. For instance, if re-piping is needed then calling a professional would be your safest bet. 

Coastal bathroom ideas

How to maintain your water supply system

Your water pipes might need a complete change due to wear and tear. Since the water system requires a high-pressure environment this also means that it is more susceptible to damage. 

If we were to compare the extent to which a leak in the water supply system is detrimental to your water supply at home to a leak in your drainage system, you will then have a better idea of how important water pressure is in your water supply system. Leakages in your drainage system will at most cause damp-related issues. On the other hand, leakages in your water supply system affect water pressure, making it very hard to carry out normal functions like showering and flushing your toilet. 

A leak in your water supply system will probably be the hardest plumbing issue to deal with and hence getting a plumber to step in would be the best choice.

An introduction to your Drain Water Vent (DMV) system

In the plumbing world, what you would refer to as sinks, faucets, or washing machines are referred to as fixtures. The components in the DMV rely on gravity to facilitate the movement of water. These components are namely: drain pipes drain vents, and drain traps. 

How to maintain your DMV system

The main issue that you will be dealing with when it comes to your DMV system is clogging. Clogging is usually caused by hair or oil from cooking. In order to prevent clogging as much as possible try to clean out and empty your plugs. 

Leakages are also another problem that one has to deal with when it comes to the DMV water system. One way you can recognize that you have a leakage system is when you notice there are mould infestations or funky odours existing in your room. You should definitely call a plumber when you are dealing with such issues as you can be at risk of wasting a lot of water. 

Orchard Dulwich stone ivory floorstanding vanity unit with semi recessed basin 600mm

Quick tips for the best plumbing experience

#1: Check your pipes

Always be sure to check the pipes that are visible to you and check if they are damaged. Leakages are also a tell-tale sign that there are issues with the pipes that are hidden. Having abnormally expensive water bills, mouldy pipes, and meters that keep running are signs that your pipes might need some relooking. 

#2: Practise good flushing habits

If you constantly flush down larger than usual waste, this could cause clogging in your drains. This is why it is always important to check what you are flushing down the toilet bowl. If you experience clogs it is probably due to the accumulation of waste over time and a habitual practice of constantly flushing things down your toilet that should be going in your bin instead. 

#3: Care for your water heater

Make sure to drain all the water from your water heater at least twice annually. There could be sediment build-up in your heater and this can cause a lot of issues in the future. Be sure to engage the help of a professional if you are facing issues with your water heater as they are more equipped in dealing with water heater-related issues. 


Other than just plumbing to fix any piping or leakage issues, making sure that your water system works efficiently is not only a good practice to have to keep your home hygienic, but it is also a great investment as it allows for your household to maintain a high house value. By now we hope you are able to recognise the instances where you should call on a plumber to help you and when you can deal with any plumbing-related issues on your own. 

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Author, Rebecca Doody

Posted by Rebecca Doody in Buying guides | 1 year ago

Originally from Somerset, Rebecca is our resident copywriter who takes care of all things product related. Rebecca loves the modern interior style with both neutral and bold influences to create a statement look.

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