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Get the Look: Lagom—the new Scandi style—Part 2
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Get the Look: Lagom—the new Scandi style—Part 2

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Style guides | 2 years ago 5 min read

In part 2 of this 2-part “Get the Look” style guide, I’ll show you how to bring a touch of Scandi style to your small bathroom, with “Lagom”.

Following on from “Hygge”, “Lagom” is the latest Scandinavian trend to inspire both interiors and lifestyles, right around the world. In part 1 of this style guide, we discovered exactly what Lagom means, with tips on creating a “Lagom” style bathroom. Here’s a quick reminder of what our Lagom bathroom looks like:

If you haven’t already done so, why not read part 1?

Lagom in a small bathroom

Scandinavian style really lends itself well to smaller spaces in your home. With an emphasis on simple yet stylish design that is both functional and pleasing on the eye, it’s no wonder Scandi style is popular right around the globe.

Roughly translating as “just enough”, Lagom is the perfect philosophy to live by, especially in a time when the average UK home is shrinking in size, reaching dimensions that were last seen in the 1930s (when records began!). Many of us are guilty of owning more possessions than we could possibly ever need, which is where Lagom kicks into action.

Lagom small bathroom ideas

Lagom couldn’t be more perfect for a bathroom, which is typically a space that often isn’t much bigger than a couple of double mattresses, in terms of floor space. Clutter is one of the main reasons why people don’t like their bathrooms. With toiletries and items crowded round every available surface and items crammed into spaces, it can make your space feel claustrophobic, rather than relaxing. Plus, it makes your bathroom difficult to clean, and who wants to spend time in a dirty room?

To help you downsize to just your barest essentials, we’ve produced some tips on how to create the perfect small Lagom bathroom.

Tips for Lagom in a small bathroom

Lagom doesn’t necessarily mean ruthlessly going through all your treasured possessions and getting rid of virtually everything you own. It simply means making sure you have “just the right amount” of things you need and want and focusing on those items which are more functional in nature.

Here are my top tips for Lagom in a small bathroom:

Find a balance

Don’t make any aspect of your small bathroom overly complex, ornate or intricate. A limited colour palette of soft neutrals will help achieve this. With Lagom, you aren’t trying to achieve a minimalist look, stripped back to the bare elements, so make sure you don’t take things too far. Relaxing colours are ideal, helping you to unwind—no bold shades that over-stimulate.

Be selective with accessories

If you feel the need for loads of accessories, you aren’t living the Lagom lifestyle. Houseplants should be your first consideration, as they offer a more sustainable element to your home environment, filtering and purifying your air, and then add any essentials like a towel ring or toilet roll holder. An art print or 2, containing elements of nature would make a welcome addition.

Mode Burton white & rustic oak wall hung vanity unit 600mm

Free your space from clutter

Most importantly in a small bathroom, ensure your surfaces are clutter-free. Rows of toiletries and items indicate a cluttered and haphazard approach to life. A neat storage unit will help achieve this.

Focus on statement pieces

Choose whether your bath, shower, toilet or basin will be your statement piece. The big functional items should be the things that catch the most attention. Aim to make one of these your focal point and complement with coordinated designs.

Enhance the feeling of light and space

You can use some old tips and tricks to enhance the feeling of light and space in your small bathroom by adding a mirror. You could even paint the ceiling a lighter colour than the rest of the room, to give the illusion that it is a little higher.

Mode Harrison rimless wall hung toilet inc slimline soft close seat

Keep the cosy feel

Your small bathroom should still feel warm, cosy and welcoming, so don’t skimp on elements like heating. Add selected soft furnishings if your bathroom feels a little sparse.

Enjoy simplicity

Stepping out of your bath onto a simple bamboo duck board will give you as much delight, as it would stepping onto an expensive mink fur rug. Embrace the look and feel of natural as much as possible.


Sustainability is at the heart of the Lagom lifestyle, so why not do your bit by upcycling an older item into something more functional for your small bathroom? It could be an old flower pot, repainted and used to store items or it could a jam jar, decorated as a toothbrush holder.

A mindful space

The Lagom concept ties into the notion of mindfulness, which is one of the big bathroom trends this year. Your bathroom should be a place in which you can focus on your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, which is why Lagom is capturing the imagination of people right around the world.

If you like the look of our Lagom bathrooms (big and small), check out the featured products below. And why not browse the rest of our “Get the look” bathroom style guides and discover more great, on-trend designs. Simply click on the image below.

Get the Look style guides

Author, Nicky Kingston

Posted by Nicky Kingston in Style guides | 2 years ago

Nicky is our resident Stylist and loves bringing new and exciting bathroom trends to life. Nicky’s passion for design led to a 1st class degree in Surface Design & Textiles, before earning a reputation as a home stylist in London.

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