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4 ultimate bathroom relaxation tips

4 ultimate bathroom relaxation tips

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 5 years ago 3 min read

Finding time to unwind can often be easier said than done. That's why we've come up with 4 quick and easy bathroom relaxation tips, to help you enjoy some quality "me time".

Did you know there are a number of days throughout the year that promote both the humble bathroom and relaxation? 8th January is Bubble Bath Day and 7th October is Bathtub Day—both days on which it's perfectly acceptable to light some candles, crack open the bubbly and enjoy an incredibly long and luxurious soak at your leisure. If autumn wasn't already relaxing enough, Mindfulness Day takes place on 12th September—a great excuse to kick back, take it easy and focus on your own wellbeing.

However, there's no need to wait till one of these red letter days to enjoy a restful bath. Your bathroom is the ultimate place in which to meditate at any time of the year. It should be a haven of peace, quiet and total relaxation. Somewhere you can shut out the world, de-stress and simply let the worries of everyday life wash over you.

So here are 4 great ways to relax and let off steam in your bathroom...

1. Extend your shower time

Getting up in the morning can often be real struggle, but as it’s Mindfulness Day, why not make your wake up routine a little more enjoyable? Take a shower but give yourself an extra 10 minutes to really focus on your cleansing ritual. Use plenty of shower gel (Imperial Leather Foamburst is my favourite), shampoo and conditioner. To heighten your mood, why not play some relaxing chill out music?

Make sure you’ve got 1 or even 2 big, fluffy towels at the ready and a dressing gown to lounge around in for a while. After all, you don’t need to get dressed immediately do you?

2. Be generous with grooming

This tip may differ for different people, but the basic principle is the same: When we’re happy about the way we look, we feel more relaxed.

If you’ve got long-forgotten lotions and potions lurking at the back of the bathroom cabinet—now is the time to get them out and use them. That exfoliation gift set your Aunty Nora bought you for Christmas could come in handy!

Long hair? Give yourself plenty of extra time to blow dry, curl, straighten or whatever it is you do to get your do looking fabulous.

Stubbly? Treat yourself to a wet shave with a fresh razor. Use some hydrating lotion on your skin and spray on your favourite eau de cologne.

Mode Tate freestanding bath

Take time to consider the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of your bath, in a way you never have before

3. A soothing bath before bed

A very obvious way to relax in the bathroom is to run yourself a nice bath full of bubbles (and, if it's Bubble Bath Day, you have a very, very good excuse!). It’s best to do this an hour or so before bedtime to help ease you into a nice deep sleep.

Remember, your bath should be warm, not hot. Don’t be tempted by caffeine and alcohol—they won’t help you relax at this time of the evening. Instead, a nice mug of cocoa or milk will put you in the right mood.

Make sure your electronic devices are left outside the confines of the bathroom and don’t bring any books. This is total relaxation time. It’s not often that we get to relax in total silence, and it can be incredibly therapeutic, helping you to clear your mind of worry and think creatively.

4. Declutter your life

Relaxation and mindfulness isn’t always achieved by doing nothing. Often, people can find that an activity can really help to combat stress and unwind. And what better activity than getting rid of clutter in your bathroom?

Start with wall cabinets and work through all those unnecessary toiletries and medication past its use by date. Then move onto any other random things that have been dumped in your bathroom for no good reason.

There. Doesn’t that feel better?

If you still feel like you’re struggling for space, why not look at adding some clever bathroom storage? It’ll bring order to your everyday routine, keeping you nice and relaxed in the long run.

More bathroom relaxation tips

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 5 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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