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5 satisfying showers for low pressure water systems
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5 satisfying showers for low pressure water systems

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 5 months ago 5 min read

Many British households suffer from low water pressure. So, what are your options when it comes to choosing a suitable shower?

If you live in an older property with a cold water tank in the loft space, chances are you may experience low water pressure in your home. This isn’t usually a problem when it comes to using your toilet, basin or bath, however, it can have a negative impact on your shower.

If you pick a shower which isn’t suitable for a low pressure water system, instead of the raging torrent you’ve been dreaming of, you could be left with a disappointing dribble. So, what can you do to ensure you get the best shower for your system?

How do I know if I have low water pressure?

So, what is water pressure? And how do you know if you have low water pressure?

First off, it is always a good idea to identify the water heating system you have in your home using our handy infographic below.

How to identify your home water system

If you have a combi boiler or unvented system, you’re unlikely to experience any issues with low water pressure. However, with a gravity fed system, you may run into problems if you don’t buy a shower suitable for your water pressure.

To find out what water pressure is like in your home, we’d highly recommend hiring a plumber. However, a simple way of seeing whether you might be suffering from low water pressure is to measure the flow rate from your existing shower.

If your flow rate is less than 10 litres per minute, you may have what is considered low water pressure.

Now you’ve gone through these steps and identified an issue with low water pressure, what can you do about it?

Fit a shower pump

One of the most popular ways to boost your flow rate is to fit a shower pump. We stock a wide range of high quality shower pumps from single shower models to designs that’ll power up your whole bathroom. Head to our shower pump buying guide to find out more.

Of course, your other option is to purchase a shower which is suitable for low pressure water systems. To help you on your way, we’ve picked out 5 of our most popular low pressure showers below.

1. Orchard Low pressure thermostatic exposed mixer shower

With thermostatic temperature control, dual outlets for complete flexibility, plus cool touch technology which helps prevent burns and scalds, this highly contemporary shower from Orchard Bathrooms is a great option for low pressure water systems.

Operating at a minimum water pressure of just 0.2 bar, this shower is ideal for family bathrooms with an adjustable riser rail and overhead outlet. A great way to start your morning!

Orchard Low pressure thermostatic exposed mixer shower

2. Mira Event Thermostatic Dual electric shower

Another way to boost your flow without having to fit a separate pump is to install a power shower. Whilst power showers may look just like electric showers, there is a big difference between the two. Electric showers only require a cold water supply, heating just the water you need, whereas a power shower has an in-built pump which boosts the flow of both the hot and cold water supplies.

The Mira Event Thermostatic Dual electric shower is one of the most popular power showers on the market and comes complete with a both an overhead shower and detachable handset, compact white plastic casing and easy-to-use controls.

If this is the best option for you, find out which tradesperson is best for fitting an electric shower.

Mira Event Thermostatic Dual electric shower

3. Mira Opero and Evoco thermostatic mixer showers

Another great option from the experts at Mira Showers… If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish solution for your bathroom or ensuite, the Opero and Evoco shower systems are absolutely ideal! Optimised for use with low pressure water systems (minimum requirement: 0.1 bar), these on-trend exposed thermostatic mixer showers offer precise control over temperature, “Cool Shield” to prevent accidental burns and an adjustable riser rail. Plus, for added peace of mind it comes with Mira Showers’ reassuring 5 year guarantee.

Mira Opero black dual thermostatic mixer shower

4. Aqualisa Q exposed digital shower pumped with bath filler

If you’re looking to bring your bathroom right up to date, why not switch to a digital shower? The Aqualisa Q range includes a variety of pumped showers, which are suitable for use with low pressure gravity fed water systems from just 0.01 bar.

With Wi-Fi and app compatible control, you can control your shower using your smart phone and smart home device, like Amazon Alexa. There’s even a boost button for enhanced flow.

Looking to save water? Use the app to set a shower timer and track your usage.

Aqualisa Q exposed digital shower pumped with bath filler

With so many digital and smart showers on the market, find out which is best for you with our handy guide.

5. Mira Showers

When it comes to quality, Mira Showers have an excellent reputation and you’ll find several designs which are suitable for low pressure water systems.

If you’re planning a traditional bathroom, there are several vintage-inspired showers to choose from. However, if low water pressure is an issue, you may want to consider the Realm ERD thermostatic mixer shower from Mira Showers. With a minimum water pressure requirement of 0.1 bar, it comes with exquisite period style detailing, plus a simple concentric valve with easy-grip handle.

Mira Realm ERD thermostatic mixer shower

Advice on showers and water pressure

Whatever type of shower you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of helpful advice by reading our shower buying guide. You can also find out more about water pressure and discover whether you need a shower pump with our expert articles.

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Looking give your morning routine a real boost? Browse our full range of quality showers by clicking on the banner below.

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 5 months ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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