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Make Friends with boho chic interior style

Make Friends with boho chic interior style

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 8 years ago 5 min read

Ever heard of the interior design style "boho chic"?

No? Well, if you love bright colours, gorgeous prints and sumptuous furniture (focusing on comfort and your own individual preferences, rather than the latest trends), then read on. Boho chic could be the perfect interior look for you.

If boho chic were a person, it’d be Monica from the hugely popular sitcom Friends - quirky whilst being solid and reliable, and that's just what the bohemian look is all about. With boho chic style, you can transform your home with pieces that reflect your personality, and create a space that the whole family will adore living in.

Boho ideas for real family homes

You're sure to have seen some of the amazing layouts for boho chic interiors that are a regular feature in glossy magazines and, like me, you've probably wished that you could achieve the same look. However, let's have a little reality check here. While a hundred votive candles in Moroccan glasses might look stunning under a brass framed mirror, who's going to keep an eye on them? Who will ensure that tiny hands can't reach, and more to the point, who will clean all those glasses and replace those candles on a regular basis? For a more practical and much more exciting take on boho chic, forget all the fiddly little things and let's start with the basics.

Maine Bathroom Suite Evoke some sensuality with the Maine Bathroom Suite.

Colour that's more "Bing" than "Bling"

One of the best ways to create that desirable boho feel that evokes Chandler and Monica's fab apartment is with colour. When you think of bohemian palettes, you're probably imagining rich jewel tones like turquoise, fuchsia, emerald, lapis, lilac, hyacinth, red, lemon and orange. These colours are perfect in any boho interior, and a great way to make a large room feel opulent, yet warm and inviting. Deep hues work best as main wall colours when you have plenty of space.

Those with smaller rooms may prefer to make one wall a focus, or keep walls cool, simple and white and use bright, boho tones for trims, soft furnishings and accents. I'd love a sleek white bathroom with Moroccan style wall hangings and a suite that evokes the sensuality of the east like the Maine Bathroom Suite from The smooth curves are perfect for this look, and there is a choice of fittings that can be adapted to any space.

Find out how to create other interior styles in your home:

Furnishing that's friendly

Traditional Rain Can Riser System The Traditional Rain Can Riser System is perfectly suited to the boho chic style

Be adventurous, but choose pieces you can live with. A large, well upholstered sofa is a great base, and it's inviting and comfy. I can just imagine Chandler lounging there, and Monica throwing a well-aimed striped or paisley patterned cushion.

Enhance the Bedouin feel of a low sofa by adding cushions and throws, and mix fabrics like wool, silk, linen, velvet and cotton. Make one particular item the focus of the room - I find that cool, individual pieces work best. A glamorous chaise piled with silk and velvet pillows in the bedroom, or a stylish shower fitting for example.

The Traditional Rain Can Riser System (pictured) from is ideal for a boho bathroom with its chic 'colonial' style, and you might team it with the Winchester Single Ended Slipper Bath to enhance the romantic, eastern feel. Try a brightly painted coffee table in the lounge to add those bright colours, or make a range or dresser the point of interest in a kitchen.

Check out our Boho Chic Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

The finishing touches

The really great thing about boho chic interiors is that they can be a work in progress. Add as many framed prints, hangings or brass framed mirrors to a wall as you like, and it will look fabulous. Choose chandeliers or lanterns with coloured glass shades. They work surprisingly well in bathrooms where mirrors reflect the light as you enjoy a long soak in a Slipper Bath.

Winchester Single Ended Slipper Bath The Winchester Single Ended Slipper Bath - perfect for soaking away your troubles.

Candles are always a great idea. Choose them for their shape and colour, and place round, square and pillars in a group to light only when you want. If you must have coloured tea glasses use them to keep jewellery tidy on a dressing table or as an ornamental touch on a dresser.

Make unmatched dining chairs look exotic and alluring - just like those in Monica's apartment. Sand the wood down, paint them gold and cover seats with striped cotton or silk fabric or rich velvet. Finish off boho chic rooms with swagged curtains or chic, Moroccan style blinds, and then soak away the cares of the day in a long, soothing bath.

Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 8 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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