Your bathroom is not just a room which serves a few essential purposes. It is a room which many people use to relax in after a long day’s work, and a room, like any other which can be personalised.

If you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom but unsure of how you might want to go about it, then there are a wealth of very basic ideas to get you started. Below are a few things to think about, that might help you on your way.

1. Paint it your way

First things first. Your new bathroom is going to need a new coat of paint. If you’re stuck, in thinking that it must be painted quite generic colours, then you’re wrong. Go for a colour combination that really sums you up as a person. Whether it’s bright and dramatic, quirky, or stylish and minimal, there really is no limit to the imagination. To make your bathroom look super stylish, try sticking to a few key colours and then switch to a new colour to paint in the details such as the coving on the walls.

[Colourful bathroom] Go for a colour that really expresses your own tastes and styles.

2. Get rid of the clutter

Storage features can really clutter up a bathroom. And a lot of the time they are not even used properly. Getting rid of any non-essential storage will give you a lot more space to play with.

3. Get a new bath tub

New bath tubs are really not as expensive as you may think. Many can be bought for a few hundred pounds and will transform the look of your bathroom beyond recognition. From traditional freestanding baths to modern teardrop shapes, there is a stunning variety out there to choose from. You can even visit salvage yards to see if you can unearth a classic bath tub from years gone by.

Shakespeare Black Roll Top Bath Choose a traditional tub like the Shakespeare Black Roll Top Bath.

4. Re-do the flooring

If your bathroom flooring has suffered a lot over the years, then why not just whip it up and lay something else down. If you want to spend a little money on it, then go for floor tiles. If not, there’s a lot of very hardwearing vinyl out there which is well priced and extremely easy to put down.

Funky bathroom floor tiles How about some funky floor tiles for your bathroom?

5. Try Pinterest

Pinterest is a great website for style tips and designs. Just spending half an hour on there could really make a difference. How about using an old Victorian door for your shower unit? Or some old hanging stage lights for lighting? The inspirations on Pinterest are limitless.

Bathrooms on Pinterest Pinterest is a great place for bathroom inspiration.