Tired of constantly having to clean your bathroom? Fed up with grime and lime scale making your shower screen or enclosure look old and faded? If your answer was an emphatic "YES!", then we may have found the perfect solution.

Introducing the Signo Showerguard™ easy clean bathroom coating kit the quick and easy way to keep your shower enclosure, bath shower screen, mirrors, ceramics, tiles and more clean.

One application = years of protection

One simple application of the Showerguard™ easy clean bathroom coating kit gives permanent protection from soap and limescale deposits, making cleaning much easier and helping to maintain and preserve long-term transparency.

Signo Showerguard™ uses nano technology to create a non-stick surface, so potentially damaging deposits and substances simply drip away.

Just one 30ml bottle of Showerguard™ will cover 3 square metres of glass, providing easy maintenance for bathroom furniture. With the strongest and most durable glass improvement system available, it'll save you hours of time when it comes to cleaning your bathroom.

As well as shower enclosures and screens, it can be used on a variety of other surfaces around the bathroom including glass, ceramics, porcelain and stainless steel. For maximum protection, older bathroom products should be cleaned thoroughly before use to remove lime scale and other contaminants.

Product details

Showerguard easy clean bathroom coating kit

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x 30ml Showerguard™
  • 1 x 30ml Pre-clean
  • 1 x pre-clean application cloth (white)
  • 1 x Showerguard™ application cloth (blue)
  • Gloves

A great addition to your basket

Showerguard™ is a British-made, environmentally friendly & non-toxic product. Gloves are provided simply to help you avoid leaving handprints on clean surfaces.

One application of Showerguard™ will protect your bathroom from lime scale, soaps and contaminants. So now you can spend less time cleaning it and more time enjoying it.

Make sure you add this time-saving product as one of your essential extras when completing your order at VictoriaPlum.com.