At, we're well-known for our designer bathrooms, but after crossing the landing, with the launch of our mfi bedroom collection in spring 2016, we've finally made the move downstairs to your living area...

We've partnered with Reeves, to exclusively bring you a fresh and vibrant living furniture collection that fits with your modern lifestyle. The range includes a wide selection of beautiful hand-finished chairs, storage and tables, all lovingly crafted from high quality materials.

Get the look 1: Organic

The organic look

The on-trend organic style features soft, rounded, wooden shapes, with greenery added here and there. It's both natural and rustic, but contemporary all the same.

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The Reeves Furniture story

With what started out as a seed of an idea, to make quality, design-led furniture, quickly grew into something bigger. Working with craftspeople across the globe, and as far afield as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, the Reeves philosophy began to take root, resulting in a flourishing and successful furniture range, exclusively on sale at

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Get the look 2: Modern living

Modern living

Featuring original modern pieces in light-coloured wood, add in warm tones such as golden yellow or even "colour of the year" cherished gold, for a truly modern living space.

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Style and sustainability

Whilst we aim to bring you the best designs at the best possible prices, sustainability is one of our most important objectives. The majority of the Reeves range is made using sustainable materials such as mango wood, which comes from managed farms and helps to generate additional income for mango producers. Our industrial style Sawyer range even features recycled pipework, making it an excellent example of eco-friendly and repurposed furniture.

As well as keeping our sources sustainable, the team at Reeves have been working hard over the past year, looking at the latest trends in interior design, and keeping one step ahead of fashion.

All furniture at Reeves has been carefully selected to give you a great choice of contemporary, retro, modern, industrial and rustic styles that represent current trends in furniture design. But when it comes to style, it's not what you use, but how you use it.

Comfort without conformity

Terry Charter, Head of Buying for Reeves, explains:

"Whilst all our items of furniture have names that reflect their main function, like "coffee table" or "side table", this shouldn't restrict the way our customers use them in their own homes. Every single item in our collection has been designed to be both stylish and multi-functional."

"For example, our fantastic teak stools could be used to provide additional seating in a living room or dining room. However, they could just as easily be used as a handy side table or a storage area in your bathroom."

"At the end of the day, there are no hard and fast rules as to how you should style your home. We call it "living without limits"."

To help inspire you, we've dotted some great styles for you to try throughout this blog post. And here's another one...

Get the look 3: Industrial style

Industrial style living room

With an emphasis on reclaimed and retro crafted pieces, the industrial style is set to be big this year. Keep it simple with white walls, light woods and grey accents, but accessorise with square furnishings and retro lighting.

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