Refresh your bathroom for less than £500

Throughout 2019, we’re celebrating The Great British Bathroom, with inspiration and ideas for your home. This week, we’ll show you how to give your bathroom a quick and easy refresh on a budget.

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain: We're all looking to save money, every which way we can. This may mean cutting back on those luxury items in your weekly grocery shop or simply spending less on leisure time. One area which many of us focus on when looking to save cash is our home.

If you’ve been planning a whole new bathroom but now aren’t so sure, we’ve got just the thing for you. With our “bathroom refresh box”, you can breathe new life into your space for less than £150. Check out the video below to see the transformation.

What’s in the box?*

Carefully curated for a quick and easy bathroom makeover, you can choose from 3 bathroom refresh boxes, depending on your taste. Containing coordinated paint, towels and accessories, they come in the following popular colour schemes: Neutral, grey and blue (pictured below).

Bathroom refresh box in blue

Check out the list below and discover exactly what you'll get for less than £150:

  • Contemporary accessory set, including those 3 essentials: Toilet roll holder, hand towel holder and toilet brush and holder
  • Colour-matched basin accessories, including a soap dish, soap pump dispenser and tumbler for toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • A 2-sided magnifying mirror for all that close-up work
  • A fabric laundry basket—ideal for used towels
  • 4 colour-coordinated towels from Silentnight, including 2 hand towels and 2 bath towels
  • A highly absorbent, machine washable Hug Rug bath mat
  • A 2.5 litre pot of colour coordinated bathroom paint from the Craig & Rose 1829 range, with anti-mould formula and low levels of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Enough to cover 25 to 30 sq. metres

*These products may come in separate boxes!

Bathroom refresh box in blue

Bathroom refresh box is…

  1. Ideal if your bathroom suite is still in good nick but you simply want a fresh new look.
  2. Great if you’re renting. As long as your landlord is happy with you painting the walls, it’s the perfect way to personalise your space, turning a rented property into a proper home.
  3. Hassle-free. We do all the colour coordination for you, saving you the time and effort of mixing and matching.
  4. Something you can do yourself. Fitting your accessories and painting your walls are basic DIY tasks.
  5. A quick and easy way to switch up the look of your bathroom.

Bathroom refresh box in blue

Shop your bathroom refresh box

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The Great British Bathroom

All throughout 2019, we're celebrating the bathrooms that put the Great into Britain! Why not head to The Great British Bathroom page and discover more fresh ideas?


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