Toilet and basin units are smartly designed pieces of furniture that combine a number of needs into one (which is why they are often referred to as combination units).

Your basin, toilet and cistern are all integrated into one sleek unit, along with a cupboard for some handy storage space. All the plumbing for your basin and toilet is hidden away within the unit, leaving you with a clean and tidy finish.

Unobtrusive design

These space saving units are both functional and practical, especially in small spaces. However, toilet and basin units are also attractive, streamlined pieces of furniture that look fantastic in a contemporary bathroom, and with their minimalist design, they fit in beautifully with many bathroom styles. This makes them a great investment, as you can re-decorate your bathroom around them without worrying whether you’ll need to replace your unit or not.

Which spaces are they most suitable for?

Combination units are perfect for smaller bathrooms, as they can be incredibly compact and take up minimal space. They are flexible in their design too, which is very useful for adapting them to your bathroom space. The basin unit can be placed on either side of your toilet, depending on the layout of your bathroom, and the cupboard doors are usually reversible.

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However, toilet and basin units are not just a solution for small spaces. They are also available in larger sizes to provide a practical and stylish choice for bathrooms with more space to play with.

Sienna white 1040 combination unit with Energy back to wall toilet

Perfect for spaces big and small, the Sienna white combination unit comes in different sizes to suit your needs, giving you plenty of storage options

Buying your toilet and basin unit

Typically, you buy your toilet and basin unit as a bundle, which gives you great value for money.

These bundles often contain the following:

Taps are purchased separately, allowing you to put your own stamp on the finished look of your unit. It’s always best to check exactly what your chosen bundle includes before purchasing. For example, some bundles do not include the back to wall toilet, which you would need to choose separately.

To help you to find a unit that will fit with the colour and style of your bathroom, there’s a range of looks and finishes available, including white gloss, oak and walnut effect, so you can match everything together for a unified look.

Myspace white right handed unit with Energy back to wall toilet

Neat and compact, the MySpace unit with Energy back to wall toilet is ideal if you're looking for ideas for your cloakroom

Storage and shelving

Not only do you get the additional storage space from the cupboard, but you also gain an additional shelf area above the toilet unit, perfect for keeping those everyday essentials handy, or just for a bit of decoration.

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