Does your bathroom feel cramped, cluttered and claustrophobic? Are your surfaces overflowing with toiletries, towels and toys? Claim your Little Bathroom Victories with these clever storage ideas.

When your bathroom is drowning in clutter, it certainly isn't the most relaxing place in which to spend time. Whilst you may have already considered fitting a mirror cabinet or vanity unit, there are some less obvious options you may not have thought of. Using our own knowledge and expertise, we've come up with these 6 clever bathroom storage ideas to restore order in your home.

1. Bathroom corner unit

One space which often gets completely neglected is the corner of your bathroom. Corners can be tricky spaces, especially when it comes to storage, but they can be used to your advantage. A bathroom corner unit utilises this space perfectly, by combining your basin with a cupboard space.

Corner vanity unit and basin

A bathroom corner unit is perfect for a downstairs cloakroom

2. Wall mounted tall cabinet

Keeping your floor space clear can often be the first step on the road to bathroom storage redemption. If a mirror cabinet simply won't cut it, a tall wall mounted cabinet could be just the solution, especially if you have awkwardly-shaped and tall objects you need to store.

Handy hint: Find out how to fit a wall hung unit with our step-by-step DIY guide.

Mode Ellis white wall hung cabinet

You can fit pretty much everything into one of these white wall hung cabinets—just leave the kitchen sink where it is!

3. Fitted bathroom furniture

Why let your kitchen have all the fun when it comes to fitted furniture? It may not be something you've ever considered, but fitted bathroom furniture is just one of those very clever bathroom storage ideas that could be more than ideal for your space. Cleverly integrating your basin and toilet, fitted furniture provides a seamless look and feel to your bathroom decor, whilst maximising the space you have available.

Handy hint: Check out our fitted bathrooms buying guide.

Reeves fitted bathroom furniture

Perfect for ensuites and family bathrooms alike, Reeves fitted bathroom furniture will give your interiors a clean and sophisticated look

4. Laundry basket

Towels and linen can take up loads of space, especially in that awkward moment between being used and being washed. So, why not make room for them in your bathroom with a simple linen basket?

Orchard Eden oak linen basket

Despite what it says on the tin, a linen basket, like this one from our Eden oak range, doesn't just have to store linen, whilst providing slimline bathroom storage

5. Storage boxes

Incredibly simple yet incredibly effective, storage boxes are a quick and easy way to keep toiletries and smaller items together in one place.

Perfect, when combined with a contemporary washstand, the gorgeous Manhattan storage boxes (pictured below) feature a distressed wood finish and delightful slogans for a bathroom that is both clutter-free and full of character.

Storage boxes

If you’re fast running out of bathroom storage ideas, why not think outside of the box?

6. Bathroom towel racks

Again, if you can spare the space, walls are the way to go. Bathroom towel racks are a great option, providing you with a useful place to store fresh towels and hang those in use. This is especially suitable for family bathrooms and can come in handy when guests (eventually!) come to stay. We've got both contemporary and traditional options to suit your bathroom decor.

Options contemporary towel shelf

The Options contemporary towel shelf certainly lives up to its name, giving you plenty of options when it comes to bathroom storage

Shop bathroom furniture

For even more great storage solutions, why not browse our stunning range of bathroom furniture today?

Shop bathroom furniture

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