A toilet unit conceals the cistern for a back to wall toilet, creating a streamlined and sleek look for your bathroom.

They come in range of finishes and styles to match our other bathroom furniture products, so you can create a beautifully harmonious and contemporary look. This guide will give you a brief introduction to the range of toilet units at VictoriaPlum.com, and what you need to consider when choosing one.

Styles of toilet units

The generally simple design of a toilet unit lends itself to a wide range of bathroom styles, but there are options to choose from so it perfectly fits with your taste.

White units are always popular, such as the Sienna, as they create a seamless, clean finish to your room, and are easy to match with most colours and styles of decoration. Alternatively, you can purchase units with a wood effect finish, like oak or walnut. These are classic, elegant finishes that will always look good, whilst adding a feeling of warmth to the room.

If you do want to make more of an impact, choose a bold, dark colour for your toilet unit, as this will make it stand out and become more of a feature within the room.


Toilet units tend to be between 766mm and 850mm tall, and 500mm to 700mm wide, and 220mm and 305mm deep. They are generally a similar size, but it’s important to measure your space to make sure you choose one that fits. You need to ensure it’s the right size for the space in your bathroom, as well as for the cistern and toilet pan that you choose. You can check all the measurements and requirements in the "Full Specifications" tab before purchasing.

No building work

Another big benefit of using a toilet unit is that it conceals the cistern without the need for any building work or mounting frames in the wall. If you were fitting a wall hung or back to wall toilet without one you would have to build a stud wall section. Toilet units provide a much simpler solution, with the cistern still out of sight, but it can still be easily accessed for repairs or maintenance.

Buying your toilet and cistern

Toilet units are often sold on their own, so you will need to purchase your back to wall toilet and concealed cistern separately.