When bathroom space is an issue, you might want to consider using a concealed cistern for your toilet. These cisterns are easy to install and sit out-of-sight behind a wall or in a unit, attached to the toilet pan.

They even fit in a wall cavity or stud-partition space (some concealed cisterns are as thin as 75mm) so all that's visible is the flush.  They can contribute to a cleaner, more elegant looking bathroom decor with smaller toilet dimensions, but fulfil all the functions of a standard close-coupled system.

So, what do you need to know about them?

Size and location

Concealed cisterns are only going to be an option if you have the space. Check the height and depth of your partition carefully against the array of concealed cistern sizes available.

Remember that concealed cisterns are only viable for a back-to-wall pan which makes them the only real option for a back to wall or wall hung toilet.

When shopping for a unit compatible with a wall hung toilet you should be looking for a concealed cistern that also incorporates a hanging frame.

This frame will sit behind the wall and carry the weight of the pan as well as providing a neat housing for the cistern itself.  Whatever the pan, make sure it's fully compatible with the cistern you want beforehand.

Verso wall hung toilet with soft close seat

A wall hung toilet, such as this one from our Verso suite, looks clean and stylish

Valves and access

Concealed cisterns are valve operated, with either a cable or pneumatics. If possible, go for pneumatics as this is less likely to seize up over time and shouldn’t need to be replaced too often.

Regarding maintenance, it is vital to consider access when installing your concealed cistern. If something goes wrong will you be able to access it quickly and efficiently? Can you get to the flush pipe and can you isolate the water easily?

By using an easily removable panel (such as the flush panel on our concealed cistern & mounting frames) you can ensure access is never a problem for either emergencies or general upkeep.

Universal wall hung toilet frame with push button cistern

The Universal wall hung toilet frame with push button cistern is easy to install


Choosing a flush style might seem a stylistic choice but with a modern concealed cistern, using pneumatic valves, you'll want to go for the push-button flush. By choosing a dual flush you get the added bonus of saving water. This will (usually) give you the option of either a 3 litre or 6 litre flush.

If you're really set on the traditional lever style flush then you'll need to look at older style concealed cisterns. Just bear in mind that lever flushes always require more maintenance and are less reliable than push buttons due to their cable and ball operation.

Check out our high quality concealed cisterns today and discover more great small bathroom and cloakroom ideas.