In the wonderful world of bathroom interiors, things are certainly hotting up!

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a blurring of the boundaries between indoors and outdoors living. Furniture, that has traditionally been used on patios and terraces, is now commonly seen in rooms around the home, whilst conversely, people are spending more on outdoor beds and accessories that help them feel more at home in the garden. Our wireless world allows us to enjoy the things we'd do in the comfort of our living room, like watching a film, just as easily outdoors, so it’s hardly surprising outdoors and indoors living are coming closer together.

Whilst we’re not expecting an outdoor bathroom craze anytime soon (think what the neighbours would say!), there is now an emerging trend that is bringing a touch of the outdoors to your bathroom space.

Tropical bathroom

Tropical bathroom

In our Tropical bathroom, we’ve divided the space up into distinct zones using different types of tile. For the shower area, we’ve gone with stone effect, for the wash area, where you’d normally have your basin and toilet, we’ve gone with wood effect, and for the bath area, we’ve opted for slate effect.

Tropical plants have been added liberally around the interior space, including both potted varieties and hanging baskets, producing the appearance of green fronds wherever you look. We've also added a “living wall” (a whole wall covered in greenery) on one side of the shower area.

One other thing you’ll notice about this bathroom is the amount of glass used to divide the different zones, with frosted panes giving a slight sense of privacy, in an otherwise open plan environment.

Choosing your bathroom products

Of course, in amongst all the greenery, you’ll also need a bathroom suite, providing somewhere to unwind and relax. With great prices on many of the products below, it’s now even easier to create the Tropical look in your own home.

Mode Spa complete round thermostatic triple shower valve with diverter and ceiling shower set

Create your own waterfall in amongst the foliage with this stunning shower set. Consisting of an overhead ceiling shower, shower handset & outlet, triple thermostatic valve and body jets, for an all-over exhilarating experience.

Mode Ellis pearl coloured freestanding bath

Unwind, relax and de-stress in your very own freestanding bath. Inspired by the minimalist, contemporary style room design, why not choose the Ellis pearl freestanding bath? With clean lines and soft, rounded ends, it’ll make a subtle yet stylish impact.

Mode Ellis wall hung toilet inc soft close seat

To keep your bathroom looking clean and minimalist, the Ellis wall hung toilet is a great choice. Complete with noise-reducing soft close seat, your Tropical bathroom will remain an oasis of calm and serenity.

Mode Shine round LED mirror with demister

Keep your bathroom feeling light and spacious with this superb round shaped mirror with LED surround. It's even got a handy demister for when things get a little hot and steamy in your version of the rainforest!

Tropical bathroom mood board

The Tropical look

We all know the benefits of having plants inside our home: They keep our air cleaner by reducing carbon dioxide levels, filtering out toxins and help to promote a sense of wellbeing. However, it's only in recent times that we've seen a surge in interest around indoor plants, with houseplant sales experiencing phenomenal growth over the past year.

With more and more tropical variants available from High Street stores, plants are fast becoming must-have accessories, leading to a more lush, green and verdant form of interior design.

You can already begin to imagine the sunlight streaming through your windows, filtered by an array of tropical plants, for a look and feel that is both natural and relaxed.

Best tropical plants for your bathroom

Whilst we’ve already touched upon the best plants for your bathroom, to really bring this look to life, you’ll want some plant life of the more tropical variety, rather than a bog standard spider plant or two.

The best tropical plants for your bathroom

Colours & textures

As you can tell, choosing the right colours and textures are vitally important to this look. Here's what we went for:

Tropical bathroom tiles

Shop the Tropical look

Feeling green with envy? Or have you been inspired to create your very own beautiful botanical bathroom? Simply head to our bathroom offers, to find out how much you can save with the products featured in this article.