Pantone, the world's leading experts on colours, have named "Greenery" as their colour of the year 2017. But what does this mean for your interiors?

Pantone's colour of the year is usually a good indicator of upcoming trends across a wide spectrum including both fashion and interiors. A green shade hasn't been named colour of the year since 2013, when Emerald was heralded as the must-have colour. In 2016, the title was shared by 2 colours: Rose Quartz & Serenity, whilst in 2015 it was Marsala and in 2014 Radiant Orchid took the honours.

Other major paint brands have followed suit, with green palettes featuring heavily in their 2017 trend forecasts.

How does this translate into home interiors?

Whilst green has always been a popular colour for home interiors, Greenery seems to echo the trend towards bringing the outdoors indoors, which began in earnest last summer and looks set to continue this year.

Green is a colour that symbolises regrowth and new beginnings, so what better colour to introduce into a new home or redecorated room? During the summer, it will blur the lines between your outdoor and indoor living spaces, and in the winter months, it will bring a touch of cheerfulness and bright colouring, great when the days are grey and drab.

Take a look at our mood board below for some great green ideas:

Green bathroom ideas mood board

Plant life

Whilst many of us know the benefits of having plants around the home, it isn't always obvious just how beneficial plants can be in promoting a healthy home.

Plants can help to reduce stress by absorbing noise and improving air quality. As the world becomes a much busier and noisier place in which to live, plants are quite literally a natural remedy to the man-made and manufactured world.

Introducing greenery around the home is certainly gaining popularity, with UK houseplant sales rising by nearly 30% in February 2016*, as social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest help to fuel this renewed-interest in indoor shrubs.

Take a look at our top 5 plant picks for bathrooms:

Best plants for bathrooms

Green bathroom ideas

Whilst eco bathrooms, with water-saving and energy-saving features, are becoming increasingly popular, you can further enhance your decor with the green trend through your wall coverings, furniture and even your suite.

Green walls

The obvious place to start, green metro tiles can add a touch of charm and are highly versatile, working with both traditional and contemporary styles. However, if you're looking to create a clean, modern appearance, a green shower wall panel will help you to colour block around your shower area, plus, with a superb non-stick surface which helps repel soap and grime, and no grout joins where mould can grow, it's much easier to clean than tiles.

Take a look at our short video below, where our stylist Emily shows you a creative way to use our Elderflower cordial paint to incorporate a green space in your bathroom or ensuite:

Green bathroom furniture

The Camberley bathroom furniture range features a gorgeous vintage sage green colouring that'll look great in your bathroom. You can even purchase a matching toilet seat, to ensure a coordinated and flowing style throughout.

Take a look at how Customer Lucy from the excellent interior design blog Tea at Lucy's used Camberley sage furniture in her bathroom:

Camberley sage bathroom furniture

Or, why not flip it and reverse it, with different coloured furniture on a green background, like the Curvaceous Mocha range pictured below.

Curvaceous mocha furniture range

Is greenery a look that could grow on you? Follow us on Twitter @VictoriaPlumUK and let us know your thoughts.


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