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What is the best height for a toilet?
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What is the best height for a toilet?

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 2 years ago 7 min read

Did you know that the height of your toilet can make a massive difference to your convenience, comfort, safety and accessibility? That's right—the best height for a toilet matters more than you'd think.

So, what is the best height for a toilet? The answer certainly isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Whilst there are recommended heights, finding the right level to mount your unit can certainly be a challenge.

Your toilet serves a valuable function in your home and should be comfortable, safe, and installed at the ideal height for your specific needs. With the aid of our guide below, we’ll help you narrow down your choices.

There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best height for your appliance. Read below to determine how these considerations could affect your ideal toilet height.

Mode Tate close coupled toilet with luxury soft close toilet seat

The Tate close coupled toilet (pictured above) is a comfortable 400mm in height to the seat—well within normal toilet height guidelines

What are your physical needs?

If you are a young person or someone who has full mobility, the height of your toilet may not affect your safety or abilities very much, if at all. However, it may affect your comfort more.

In contrast, if you are an elderly, disabled or injured and recovering individual, you could potentially benefit from a different toilet height. And this will solely depend on the amount of effort it takes to transfer onto the toilet seat itself. Why deal with sore muscles or pain, when you could have a toilet that is tailored to you and your needs?

The best toilets for wheelchair users

For wheelchair users, we would highly recommend purchasing a toilet that is level with your chair. This way, transfers will be much easier. A toilet seat that is higher off the ground could be challenging to transfer onto.

If the toilet is for use within a public space or commercial property, like a café, sports centre or library, you must follow the guidance as set out in the UK Government’s Access to and use of buildings: Approved Document M. This is to make sure the toilet (and the overall facility) is comfortable and safe for people with disabilities. Find out all about this and more in our complete guide to fitting disabled toilets.

Commercial Part M toilet pack

Find out more about domestic wheelchair-accessible bathrooms

The best toilets for old age pensioners

What is the best height for a toilet for senior citizens or old age pensioners? Older adults may find regular height toilet seats challenging to reach, especially if mobility or balance are issues. This is why many people (often with an eye to the future) opt for a slightly higher toilet—by reducing the distance between sitting and standing, you reduce the potential risk of falls.

At Victoria Plum, we sell a selection of comfort height toilets which are a little higher than conventional toilets. So, when you need to answer the call of nature in the night, using your toilet is a far safer and more comfortable experience. And, the added bonus of a comfort height toilet is that you can return to your feet more easily once you’re finished.

Orchard Wharfe comfort height close coupled toilet with soft close slim seat

At 460mm from the floor to the top of the pan (the bit that the toilet seat is attached to), the Wharfe comfort height close coupled toilet is a great option for taller than average people or those with restricted mobility

How tall and how old are users?

The size and age of the person using the bathroom are huge factors in determining how high your toilet should be. If you’re taller than average, you may struggle to sit on a toilet too low to the ground, and children may need assistance to reach the highest mounted units. This is why it’s essential to think about the user before installing a toilet in your home or commercial business.

While a standard toilet may sit at anywhere between 380mm to 460mm (around 15 to 18 inches) off the ground, taller people may want to aim for the upper end of this range for better comfort. Shorter-than-average adults should find a standard toilet perfectly suitable.

Children often use potties while still quite young, but, if fitting toilets in a school or facility used exclusively by minors, smaller sized toilets may be a requirement.

Could the height of your toilet improve your health?

Did you know that certain toilet heights could help with issues like constipation? What is the best height for a toilet to help with bowel health?

Toilets that are lower to the ground tend to be beneficial for people with bowel issues like this. This is due to the fact that your knees will be slightly raised, which is proven to help with bowel movements.

How to change your toilet height and adapt for your needs

In most cases, where an existing toilet height isn’t suitable for your needs, you can easily swap for a toilet that does the job perfectly. Whether this is a comfort height toilet, a back to wall toilet or even a wall hung toilet (where the height can be set precisely), you will need to employ an experienced plumber to do the job correctly.

Electronic bidet toilets

One option, which you may not have considered, is the electronic bidet toilet. Commonly known as a “Japanese toilet”, these all-singing, all dancing units feature hygienic sprays, self-cleaning modes and automated flush and seat. The price tag may be quite steep but the experience is first class.

Grohe Sensia Arena smart toilet with soft close seat

The Grohe Sensia Arena smart toilet is one of the most sophisticated electronic bidet toilets on the market

How to change your toilet height without renovating

Not every toilet adjustment will require a complete renovation. Re-installing your toilet can be expensive. Not only that, it can be time-consuming, which is a massive hassle for functional devices that are frequently used, like toilets.

If you move into a property and don't feel like ripping out and re-mounting the toilet, there are plenty of modification options that will let you alter the height.

Raised toilet seat

These are particularly useful for seniors or tall people. If your toilet needs a little boost, a raised toilet seat can add several inches to the unit. Simply place on top of your existing seat.

Grab rails

If you require extra support to help ease yourself on and off the toilet, grab rails are one of the best solutions. Hinged support rails are highly recommended, as you can fold them up and out of the way—a great option in shared bathrooms.

Step stools

While you can't reduce the height of your toilet without renovation, a step stool can offer many of the same benefits. A small step stool designed for the bathroom can improve your bowel health and make your toilet more comfortable to sit on. These devices also allow children to use standard-sized toilets safely.

The bottom line

While toilets are generally all a similar height, anywhere between 380mm to 460mm at the seat, the best height for you may be different. How tall are you? What is your physical health like? These types of questions will inform which seat height is best for your unique needs and specifications. Use this guide to help you mount your toilet at a height that is comfortable, convenient, safe and good for your bowel health.

Whether you're installing your toilet in a new home for the first time, or you want a quick hack to make your existing toilet taller, you’ll now have all the know-how you need.

Further toilet advice and inspiration

If you’re looking for more advice on toilets, you’ll find plenty of handy information right here at Victoria Plum. First off, we’d recommend reading our comprehensive toilet buying guide, which explains the different types of toilets available. If you’re looking to take on a bit of DIY work yourself, you can find out how to fit a toilet with our step-by-step guide, complete with video.

If you have a rough idea of the type of toilet you need, but are lacking inspiration, why not check out some of our favourite small toilet ideas?

Shop toilets

From comfort height models to conventional designs, at Victoria Plum you’ll find one of the widest selections of toilets around. Click on the image below to browse our comprehensive range.

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Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Buying guides | 2 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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