Embarking upon a bathroom project can be a daunting prospect. So, we asked Houses expert, Ruth Corbett from Ideal Home magazine to give us her top 3 design tips for bathrooms.

A brand new bathroom can change your life, you may have a house full of mirror hogging teenagers or perhaps you’re dreaming of a brand new storage system? Whatever your plans, do your homework and do it thoroughly, it will pay off in the long run, without the need for costly bathroom designers.

Tip 1—Choose your layout

Firstly, look at your current layout, consider your needs and make a wish list. Remember, sometimes just changing the fixtures and fittings can be as effective as a whole new refit. If you do want a complete change, decide what you’d like in the space, including storage and measure up carefully, noting fixed items.

Bathrooms are increasingly luxurious, so you might consider a freestanding bath, if you have space for a separate shower, a corner is an ideal spot for it. For small rooms, wall mounted basins and toilets allow you to see more open floor, which makes the room feel much more spacious.

Carter bathroom suite

A carefully chosen layout can enhance the feeling of space

Tip 2—Decide on the look and details

Take some time to explore different ideas and see what’s out there, so you can find a look that suits you and your home.

VictoriaPlum.com has a wide range of styles to suit all sorts of bathrooms. Look at magazines, brochures and online sites like House to Home and VictoriaPlum.com. Keep the ideas you love in a folder or create a mood board on Pinterest to build up a mood for your ideal bathroom.

Think about tiling and lighting and what you’re going to put on the floor. Would tiles, wood or vinyl be the best option? Consider safety too such as anti-slip flooring, especially if you have young children.

Remember, there are specific regulations for bathrooms, so consult an electrician if you have any plans for lighting or extractor fans.

Matano tile range

Carefully chosen tiles can look fantastic

Tip 3—Styling and storage

Beautiful buys will help turn a hardworking family bathroom into a more welcoming space. For families, soft neutral colours work well, greys and smoky blues are relaxing and work well with white sanitaryware and wood finishes. Wood is a good material in a bathroom as if softens the look and adds warmth. Keep it to accessories though, which can take a splash or two of water.

Storage is key to a bathroom which is used by lots of people. Stack your loo rolls in a neat container, pop your toiletries in a caddy.

Manhattan natural finish storage box

Why not pop your "bits and bobs" in a storage box like this?

You’ve got your perfect bathroom, now all you need to do is fill your bath with bubbles, lock the door and relax.

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