Contemporary is a word that has begun to accompany almost everything that symbolises quality, luxury and good taste.  But when it comes to bathrooms and any thoughts you might have about doing a little work on yours, what does it actually mean?

Don’t worry. Here are a few little pointers if you’re thinking about redecorating with current trends in mind:


Contemporary bathroom colours tend to be bold, yet non-intrusive. Try something in steely grey, soft ivory white or even black and white patterned. Contemporary colours are designed to flow seamlessly with bathroom furniture and complement the aesthetics of the room whilst not overriding it. When choosing furniture or paint, avoid bright colours and go for something relaxing or even futuristic.

Contemporary baths

The bath is the centrepiece of your bathroom, and contemporary design can really help to showcase this. Many contemporary baths are traditional white in colour but will take extremely ergonomic and flowing shapes and forms. This includes rounded, cylindrical or elongated bathtubs.

The taps are usually in the middle as opposed to one end, and freestanding baths are still very fashionable.

Arte freestanding bath

A luxurious freestanding bath, like the Arte, is the key feature of a modern, contemporary style bathroom


Hard, overhead lighting from a single source is a thing of the past. Nobody wants to relax in a bathroom that’s too bright and lacks atmosphere. New bathrooms and contemporary designs utilise recess lighting, which can be installed into any ceiling.

This soft, more adjustable set of spotlights will help you control the exact atmosphere you wish to create in your bathroom. Whether it’s full brightness or dim and relaxing, with recess bathroom lighting you set the mood.

Contemporary bathroom suites

Big square basins are a thing of the past. The best shape to go for when choosing from contemporary bathroom suites is a round one. Not only do these complement a contemporary aesthetic with their flowing shapes, but they also reduce space.

Changing your basin from a big, old square juggernaut into a stylish one will help give the illusion that the room is actually much bigger than it actually is.

Another thing to consider is your choice of contemporary toilet. Most contemporary bathroom suites feature toilets with slimline cisterns, minimal styling and a water-saving, push button dual flush. Again, these help to give the room a clean, simple and stylish appearance.

Fairbanks bathroom suite

The Fairbanks suite, with its clean lines and minimalist style, is a great example of a contemporary bathroom


Keep everything else such as shelves and ornaments absolutely minimal. The bathroom should not be crammed full of things. This will ensure that the clean lines of the room’s styling make a great impression.

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