Adding those perfect finishing touches to your new bathroom is now easier and more affordable than ever, thanks to our Accents accessories range. As part of our celebration of The Great British Bathroom, we'll show you 5 exciting ways to accessorise your bathroom to create a truly unique look.

So, you’ve chosen your bathroom suite, picked out the perfect bath or shower, selected some stylish storage and planned your installation. That’s it, isn’t it? Well, not quite.

Now comes the really fun part: Accessorising!

With the right choice of accessories, you can transform your space into something that is genuinely personal, reflecting your tastes and serving your own unique needs.

To help you on your way, we’ve launched our new Accents bathroom accessories range, containing a fabulous selection of finishing touches, from towel rails to toilet seats, and everything in between. Check out these 5 fab ideas we've come up with.

1. Let your bathroom bloom with rose gold

Metallics are all the rage at the moment, and our first bundle of fun is based on a rose gold theme. Whilst chrome is a common metallic element in most bathrooms, rose gold will certainly bring a rich and opulent look. This accessory set will help you add that precious element to your overall bathroom design.

Accents Neptune rose gold complete bathroom accessory and towel bundle

Accents Neptune rose gold complete bathroom accessory and towel bundle contains vanity mirror, toilet brush, toilet roll holder and storage, Christy Brixton liquorice bath towel, pedal bin, lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, large wire storage basket, small wire storage basket, Christy Brixton liquorice hand towel, tumbler and soap dish.

2. Hammered nickel for impact

Keeping with the metallic theme, another interesting yet rarely used texture is hammered nickel. Producing a more industrial look and feel, we’ve produced a range of accessories to fit with this, including a totally gorgeous round mirror that’ll certainly reflect well on you.

Accents Hammered nickel complete bathroom accessory and towel bundle

Accents Hammered nickel complete bathroom accessory and towel bundle contains mirror, Silentnight Zero Twist 4 Piece Towel Bale, wire toilet roll holder and storage, cloakroom toilet accessory set, lotion dispenser, tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, wire storage basket and Craig & Rose bluebell dream kitchen & bathroom paint 2.5L.

3. Shooting for the stars with bamboo

If you’re looking to perfect that all-natural look, bamboo accessories really are shooting stars when it comes to décor. One of the quickest-growing and most sustainable natural materials, bamboo will add a more organic element to your bathroom.

Accents Bamboo bathroom bundle

Accents Bamboo bathroom bundle contains laundry basket, duck board, soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, bath sheets, bath towels and hand towels.

4. Stone effect style

Adding natural elements to your bathroom can be done in a variety of ways. Stone effect accessories are very desirable and with this bundle, made from water-resistant polyresin, you can get the organic look without having to fork out for the real thing.

Accents Stone effect bathroom bundle

Accents Stone effect bathroom bundle contains soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder, Silentnight stone hand towels and bath towels. The number of towels pictured in the image above differs to the number supplied with the actual product.

5. Go green

Whilst different shades and tints fall in and out of fashion, green remains a popular bathroom colour choice, especially with those who like to add plant life to their bathroom space. The Accents Green and white bundle will certainly add a touch of freshness to your interiors, allowing them to thrive.

Accents Green and white bathroom bundle

Accents Green and white bathroom bundle contains soap dispenser, soap dish, tumbler, Craig & Rose royal icing paint, Silentnight white hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

Shop Accents bathroom accessories

If you’re refurbishing your bathroom or simply updating a tired old cloakroom, make sure you check out the Accents accessories range. Designed to put the fun into functionality, you’re bound to find the right accessories for your bathroom. Simply click on the image below to begin shopping.

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The Great British Bathroom

From the largest remodelling project to the smallest refresh, we’re celebrating everything that’s great about British bathrooms. Why not check out The Great British Bathroom page, where you’ll find all our latest bathroom inspiration for the nation.

The Great British Bathroom


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