A bath panel is an essential part of creating the perfect look for your chosen design, whether it’s a straight bath, corner bath, or shower bath.

They hide unsightly pipework and other structures, so your tub looks sleek and seamless, giving it that built in bath appearance. This guide will give you a brief introduction to bath panels, and an overview of the range available at VictoriaPlum.com.

Do I need bath panels?

When you view any of the baths on our website, you can see which bath panels are suitable for it in the full specifications tab. Here is a quick overview of which bath styles do or do not require bath panels.

Straight baths

One of the most popular designs of bath, this style requires bath panels to complete the look, whether it’s single or double ended, or has a rounded or angular interior. A straight bath requires one side panel and one shorter end panel.

Acrylic straight bath front panel

White acrylic bath panels are common and offer a hardwearing, easy-to-clean surface

Fitting a bath panel to an existing bath is a great, low-cost way to re-enegerise your bathroom decor.

Shower baths

This style also requires end and side bath panels, and these are specifically designed to accommodate the extra width in the shower section.

Corner baths

A luxurious corner bath requires a single curved or angled panel to complete the look.

Freestanding baths

This style of bath, including traditional roll tops and contemporary freestanding baths, doesn’t require bath panels, as they are designed as a complete shape.

L shaped shower bath wooden front panel Drift walnut

Specially designed panels for shower baths are available in a range of finishes, including walnut

Colours and finishes

Many types of bath panel have options for different finishes and colours, so you can create a stylish look in your bathroom. There’s the classic white for a clean, contemporary look, or you could go for a warmer tone with oak or dark walnut effect.

This also means you can match your bath panels to our bathroom furniture collections, creating a beautifully harmonised and stylish look.



Acrylic bath panels are amongst some of the most popular around, providing a durable and quality finish in a range of colours. They are also very easy to install and maintain.


A wooden bath panel can add real style and warmth to your bathroom, and there is a range of colours available. Many of our wooden bath panels come as part of a matching furniture range.

Drift sawn oak wooden bath front panel

These wooden bath panels are colour-matched to complement the Drift oak furniture range

Fitting a bath panel

Fitting a bath panel is one of the easier jobs when it comes to bathroom DIY. Depending on which type of bath panel you've decided upon, you can simply follow one of our step-by-step guides:

Shopping for your new bath panels

Add the perfect finishing touch to your new bath today, by browsing our superb range of bath panels.