Bathrooms are about more than just fixtures and fittings, and here at we’ll do our best to help you get every aspect of your bathroom up to standard.

A key part of the design is in your choice of flooring but what do you need to know when tackling this potentially tricky area in the bathroom?

Choose your material carefully

The first thing you have to consider is your choice of flooring material. Carpets may be automatically ruled out, but you’re still anything but limited on choice.

Krono Xonic Pennsylvania waterproof vinyl flooring

Create the look of a weathered wood floor with durable, waterproof vinyl

Tiled floors are perhaps the most obvious selection and you’ll find a wide choice on offer at But what about stone floors or perhaps laminate?

Vinyl flooring is another great option. Why not try our revolutionary Krono Xonic flooring? It simply clips together to produce a hardwearing, watertight floor. In fact, it's so easy, even a DIY novice can install it. You're sure to be impressed by the vast range of styles and colours that are available.

The most important thing to remember is that any covering you choose must be waterproof and resilient to cope with the level of use this room receives. Soft furnishings such as bath mats or rugs can always be used provide extra comfort.

Measure twice, cut once

An old motto but one that has plenty of significance in the bathroom, as you’ll need to make sure the flooring you choose is measured accurately before fitting. Cutting materials too short can be wasteful so hire professionals if you lack confidence in your own abilities.

Remember to fit flooring securely so that it doesn’t move, leaving gaps as directed and ensuring there is no debris underneath which may cause bulges or lumps.

Handy hint: Thinking of tiling your bathroom? Read our bathroom tiles advice first.

Retain the style

Your flooring is more than just a practical addition, it’s a stylistic choice too. This means you need to pick something which retains the overall look and feel of the room.

Laura Ashley Mr Jones charcoal tile 331mm x 331mm

Give your floors some character with tiles, like these

If you’re fitting something like the Wharfe freestanding bath then why not opt for a dark floor covering to give your room a modern, monochrome style? If your bathroom is more traditional in decor then a stone or tiled floor is probably a better option. Light colours will open up the space whilst darker colours are a safe, practical choice for family bathrooms. Rich colours also add warmth and depth in large rooms and prevent bathrooms appearing too clinical.

Another option, if you’re looking for a distinctive style, is wood-effect tiles. These give the appearance of distressed wood but without any of the issues that wood flooring might bring.

Whatever option you go for, think about how it will work with your bathroom furniture. Glossy white cabinets may look good with everything but why not strike a contrast between your floor and your storage? Dark wood units (like wenge) will really pop against a light or white coloured floor and vice versa.

Is it level?

Not only do you need to make sure your bathroom floor is even, but you may also want to consider adding some stand out design with stepped flooring. Setting the bathtub or shower enclosure on a platform is a great way to add intrigue but you need to make sure your flooring flows between the two levels seamlessly for it to be truly effective.

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