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Baths v showers: Which side are you on?

Baths v showers: Which side are you on?

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 2 years ago 7 min read

It’s the big bathroom debate that’s been going on for years…baths v showers. But which side are you on? Let’s take a look at the merits of each option…

In these hectic times, it’s true to say that we’re busier than ever. When we’re not working or commuting, we’re juggling multiple commitments with family and friends…it seems like barely a moment can be spared. I’m sure we all have a long list of things we’d love to do, if only we had the time. And, for many, spending time relaxing in the bath is one of them.

With all this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that taking a shower is by far the more popular and widely used method for washing, taking up substantially less time versus taking a bath. Showers are, therefore, much more suited to our busy daily lives and require sufficiently less water, reducing both the financial and environmental impacts. However, that’s not to say the bath has no place in our everyday lives…far from it!

The advantages and disadvantages of baths

There’s a many a reason why most bathrooms still contain a bathtub. When we finally find a few minutes to bathe, we love the luxury they offer. And rightly so! Baths can really help us unwind and slow down time, giving us space to think despite the demands of our hectic lives.

To satisfy this desire, at Victoria Plum, we offer a fantastic range of elegant freestanding bathtubs that will help anyone inject much-needed luxury into their home. Furthermore, there are few things that can be improved to ensure your baths are as eco-friendly as possible.

Acrylic baths help improve efficiency at retaining hot water, thus reducing your need to top up the bath with hot water, while thermostatic taps provide the highest level of control over water flow and temperature.

Mode Harrison freestanding white bath 1790 x 810

The Harrison freestanding bath from Mode Bathrooms will add genuine contemporary charm to your bathroom

What are the advantages of having a bath?

  • They aid relaxation, helping us unwind and de-stress
  • A good bathtub brings a touch of luxury to any bathroom
  • Great for families with small children
  • An ice cold bath is good for sporty people, as it can help muscles recover
  • Conversely, a hot detox bath has many benefits too
  • They are sought after when selling your home

What are the disadvantages of having a bath?

  • They can take up a large footprint in a small bathroom
  • You need to heat a lot of water to fill them, potentially increasing your energy bills
  • Running a bath isn’t a quick process
  • Getting the perfect water temperature can often be an art in itself
  • Unless you have a walk-in bath, it will require climbing in and out

Lavish roll top and freestanding baths

Roll top and freestanding baths have become a popular choice across a wide spectrum of styles ranging from a 30s Hollywood regency bathroom style to oriental style. Whatever your taste, roll top or freestanding baths instantly add a sense of opulence to their surroundings.

Freestanding baths come in a selection of varied shapes and sizes, from modern designs such as our curvy Harrison freestanding bath (above), to the more traditional style bath tubs like our Traditional double ended roll top bath (below). At Victoria Plum, we are dedicated to helping find the perfect luxury bath for you.

The Bath Co. Traditional double ended roll top bath

The Traditional double ended roll top bath from The Bath Co. is both classic and elegant

The advantages and disadvantages of showers

For every one of us who can’t get by without a bathtub, there are many others who have done away with it entirely—swapping their baths for showers. These days, it is quick and easy to do. A luxurious walk in shower enclosure can be fitted straight into the footprint of a standard-sized bath. However, it is convenience where showers beat baths hands down. Simply turn a handle and step into a torrent of wonderfully hot, invigorating water…just the thing to wake you up in the morning and set you up for the day ahead.

As we’ve already mentioned, showers certainly complement the busy lives we lead. If you live in a large household with multiple family members, showers encourage them to get in and out of the bathroom quickly, ensuring you all get a fair crack of the whip! Showers are also ideal for smaller bathroom spaces, especially ensuites or dedicated shower rooms, with some of the smallest enclosures measuring a compact 700mm x 700mm.

Mode 8mm walk in shower enclosure with rectangular gloss stone shower tray

A walk in shower enclosure will help open up your bathroom, providing quick and easy access

What are the advantages of having a shower?

  • They are quick and easy to use
  • Help wake you up in the morning
  • They can take up less floorspace than a bath
  • They use less water than baths, helping you save on energy bills
  • You’re not left sitting in dirty water
  • Easy to control water temperature
  • Access is usually straightforward for those with restricted mobility
  • Cold showers have surprising benefits

What are the disadvantages of having a shower?

  • Doesn’t really offer the same form of relaxation as a bath
  • You won’t get to take the weight off your feet
  • Not ideal for families with young children who need their bathtime
  • If you replace your bath with a shower, it may make it harder to sell your property

Feel the power with your shower

If you really don't feel the need for a bath, why not go all out and turn your bathroom into a wet room, replete with a stunning designer walk in shower? Featuring overhead and handheld showers, you get the luxury and flexibility you're after, plus with no doors or shower tray, it'll literally open up your bathroom space and make access a breeze.

Mode 8mm black framed wet room glass panel

Go all out to impress with a luxury an on-trend black framed wet room glass panel

If a wet room isn't your thing, why not indulge yourself with a shower cabin? This luxurious enclosure not only comes with both overhead and handheld showers, but also 10 body jets to provide some real hydrotherapy. Perfect for an invigorating wake up in the morning, or a soothing cleanse in the evening.

Mode quadrant black glass backed hydro massage shower cabin 900 x 900

For a really indulgent showering experience, choose a shower cabin with sliding shower doors

The best of both worlds

If the baths v showers debate continues to rage on in your household, fear not. There is a solution which covers both bases.

If you really can't decide, why not combine the two? Our range of modern shower baths come with a shower screen already included, plus extra space at the shower end so you'll have no problem manoeuvring. Options such as the P shaped shower bath provide plenty of space for both showering and bathing. A shower screen means you can now do away with unsightly, mould-festering shower curtains, which require washing and look unsightly when you need a bath.

P shaped shower bath and screen

The P shaped shower bath provides plenty of space for both showering and bathing

Baths v showers: Decided which side you're on yet?

If you like the quick and easy option, you’ll be pleased to find a huge selection of showers and shower enclosures right here at Victoria Plum. Available at the lowest prices around, why not browse our range by clicking on either of the images below.

Shop showers

Shop shower enclosures

Prefer a long and luxurious soak? We hear you… Check out our massive choice of beautiful baths, from simple straight designd to elegant roll top tubs, perfect for more traditional suites. Click on the image below to begin.

Shop all baths

And finally, if you really can’t make your mind up, why not take a look at our fabulous selection of shower baths. Bringing you the best of both worlds, they are great for family bathrooms, ending the baths v showers debate once and for all. Click the image below to begin browsing.

Shop shower baths

We'd like to hear from you. Which side are you on in the baths v showers debate? Maybe you simply need both? Tweet us @VictoriaPlumUK using the hashtag #BathsvShowers.

Author, Adam Chard

Posted by Adam Chard in Inspiration | 2 years ago

A born & raised West Countryman, now living on the Yorkshire Coast, for over 10 years Adam has been bringing home interior ideas to life at Victoria Plum. Adam’s favourite interior styles have been shaped by both urban and natural influences.

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