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8 beautiful blue bathroom ideas

8 beautiful blue bathroom ideas

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 3 years ago 7 min read

Feeling a little blue? Don’t worry…let us cheer you up with these beautiful blue bathroom ideas, including clever inspiration from our creative customers and our in-house stylist.

If there was ever a “go to” colour for bathrooms, it would have to be blue. Despite “grey bathroom ideas” being one of the most popular internet searches for aspiring bathroom designers, blue has always been something of a given when it comes to our most private of sanctuaries.

But why blue? Well, as humans, we tend to make mental connections between certain elements and colours. For example, when we think of fire or heat, we tend to think along the red/yellow part of the spectrum, whereas with water we tend to think along the lines of the blue/green end of the rainbow…the cooler end of the spectrum. Without getting into the science too deeply, this may be due to the fact we see large bodies of water as blue—hence why this colour sits nicely with the room in your home most associated with water.

WGSN colour of the year 2021: AI Aqua

If you’ve read our recent article on colours of the year, as picked out by colour experts, you’ll know that AI Aqua (pictured above) is a trending shade for home interiors. And, bizarre as it may seem, this is entirely due to our over-exposure to social media during lockdown. Both Twitter and Facebook share blue as a corporate colour and this has gone so far as influencing the colours of our walls and furnishings.

So, if you’re on the hunt for some beautiful blue bathroom ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 8 great ways to bring a touch of blue to your bathroom.

1. Storage shades

Whilst many of us opt for the more common furniture colours, like white, grey or even a wood finish, one of the more surprising ways to splash a bit of blue around is to choose blue coloured furniture. By picking out a few select items and complementing with matching bath panels, you can achieve some great colour blocking—another big trend this year! When it comes to blue bathroom ideas, this is one is pretty easy to do.

Beaumont blue bathroom furniture

Left: Beaumont Powder Blue furniture from The Bath Co. Right: Beaumont Sapphire Blue furniture, also from The Bath Co.

Stylist's Tip: Patterned tiles go really well with this type of furniture. Try to pick out a design which includes subtle blues and greys.

2. Paint it blue

One of the more obvious blue bathroom ideas—simply paint free wall space in your chosen shade of blue. Of course, you’ll need to protect the walls around your splash zones (your shower area, bath and basin), which you can do with tiles or shower wall panels (of which, I’ll speak more of shortly). One great tip is to tile part the way up your wall, which can help save on money when buying materials.

Paint your walls blue

Left: We adore this bold blue painted wall by Victoria Plum customer @little_edwardian_semi on Instagram, complete with a bath panel painted in the same colour. Right: The Clarity bathroom suite looks a picture with subtle sky blue walls

Stylist’s Tip: Check out my guide to using a colour wheel and find out how to create the perfect combination of colours when decorating your bathroom and any other home interiors.

3. Blue-tiful tiles

Often overlooked when planning your colour scheme, tiles can be easily used to bring a touch of blue to your bathroom. From on-trend metro tiles to feature floor tiles, you’ll find a wide variety of designs and shades to suit your requirements. You can either be highly selective with the placement of your tiles and cover splash zones exclusively or go floor to ceiling for a bold backdrop. Check out these blue bathroom ideas below.

Blue bathroom tile ideas

Left: By creating splashbacks around the bath and basin, Victoria Plum customer @afreshstartliving has used blue tiles to great effect. Right: Go big and go bold with a whole wall covered in aqua blue metro tiles

4. Feeling a little bit nautical?

The nautical style remains incredibly popular and key colours, of course, include the aptly named navy blue. We’ve created a refined nautical look called “The Harbour”, providing a safe and stylish haven in your home and you can get on-board with this ship-shape style by reading my nautical bathroom guide. As you can see, it can work for bathrooms big and small.

Get The Harbour Look with this nautical style blue bathroom

Left: Blue shades are just perfect for the nautical look. Right: You can easily achieve a refined nautical style in a small space—I adore this striped wallpaper!

Stylist’s Tip: Pair with wood-effect laminate or vinyl flooring for a deck-like appearance.

5. Some blue sky thinking

If you’re looking to protect the walls around your shower but feel tiles may be too fiddly to fit, perhaps it’s time to come at this conundrum from a different angle? Shower wall panels offer an excellent low-cost solution and can also be installed quickly, providing an almost seamless block of colour wherever you need it. As blue bathroom ideas go, this one is electric!

Blue shower wall panels

Left: With Zenolite plus air acrylic shower wall panels there are no grout lines, which restricts the growth of unsightly mould. Right: A small wet room with blue shower wall panels.

And, whilst we’re talking shower wall panels, I couldn’t complete this section without mentioning full length wall graphics. Yet another big bathroom trend, how about turning your bathroom into a stunning work of art? Check out our exclusive collection created in collaboration with contemporary artist Louise Dear, where you’ll find a whole range of designs based on Louise’s most famous paintings.

Louise Dear Navy Blue bathroom suite with freestanding bath

Get creative with the Louise Dear Navy Blue bathroom suite with freestanding bath

Stylist’s Tip: Keep an eye out for baths with a blue surround, like the Midnight Blue cast iron bath (pictured above) from the Artist Collection.

6. Bold block blue

As I mentioned earlier, another big trend this year is block bold colours—and this just made for blue interiors! Cover large surface areas in your bathroom in blue and differentiate by changing up the texture, material or shade.

Block bold blue colours in the bathroom

Despite the size of this space, we’ve gone all out with block bold blue colours. By using boarding, panels and furniture, we’ve managed to change the texture of the room in different places

Stylist’s Tip: You needn’t stick exclusively with contemporary or traditional products. The Modern Vintage look is increasingly popular, mixing modern elements with statement vintage pieces.

7. A blue basin scrubs up nicely

In recent times, we’ve seen coloured ceramics grow in popularity, especially when it comes to creating a truly individual look. Of course, a colourful toilet that is anything other than pristine white may be a little over the top for most peoples’ tastes! However, countertop basins can be a real point of differentiation, available in a variety of shades—including blue!

Blue countertop basin

Add a coloured countertop basin from the Orion range

8. Blue colour combinations

If all these blue bathroom ideas have inspired you, check out these popular blue colour combinations, to help you pick your perfect palette.

Blue and white

An absolute classic colour combination and probably the easiest to achieve with white furniture and ceramics contrasting against blue walls. Check out the gorgeous boarding below for more blue bathroom ideas.

Blue bathroom ideas by @rusper_reno8 on Instagram

Blue boarding has been used to great effect by Victoria Plum customer @rusper_reno8 on Instagram

Baby blue and blush pink

Softer, muted colours have been in fashion for a while now, and we’ve seen pastel shades like baby blue and blush pink used in combination to decorate home interiors. Indeed, if you love this look, why not check out my A Touch of Blush style guide?

Pink & blue pastel combination by @our_big_renovation

We adore this combination of pastels by Victoria Plum customer @our_big_renovation on Instagram

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Author, Ruth Foster

Posted by Ruth Foster in Inspiration | 3 years ago

As our resident Interior Designer, Ruth is passionate about home-related trends and loves light, airy interiors shaped by organic forms and colours. With a background in textiles for interiors, she is studying for a masters in interior design.

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